Molecular Biology

The main focus of the Molecular Biology Division is to understand the regulation of basic and disease related cellular processes such as gene expression, hormonal signaling, RNA processing, DNA replication, recombination and repair.

Faculty and Research Interests

Primary Members

Kenneth W. Adolph

Gene structure and regulation

Anja-Kartin Bielinsky

Regulation of DNA replication, cell cycle, cancer

Anath Das

Molecular mechanisms of plant-pathogen interactions and plant gene expression

Aaron Goldstrohm

Gene regulation, Post-transcriptional control of messenger RNA stability, Translation and localization by RNA-binding proteins, mRNA untranslated regions and nucleases, Genetic mechanisms of development, Cancer, Obesity

Reuben S. Harris

Mechanisms of purposeful mutation relating to innate and adaptive immunity

Eric Hendrickson
Division Head

Mechanisms of mammalian DNA double-strand break repair

David C. LaPorte

Gene expression; protein phosphorylation cascades.

Dennis M. Livingston

Genome stability, mutation; DNA replication, repair and genetic recombination.

Michel M. Sanders

Eukaryotic molecular biology; hormone action; gene expression.

Paul G. Siliciano

Nucleic acid biochemistry; molecular genetics.

Alexandra Sobeck

Cellular mechanisms of maintaining genomic stability; DNA damage response during chromosomal replication.

Howard C. Towle

Nutritional and hormonal regulation of mammalian gene expression.

Secondary Members

David A. Bernlohr

Mechanism of insulin action; regulation of gene expression by lipids; lipid transporters and lipid binding proteins; obesity and metabolic regulation.

Do-Hyung Kim

Biological networks that coordinate metabolism and growth

Lincoln R. Potter

Signal Transduction, Natriuretic Peptides, Guanylyl Cyclase Receptors and cGMP.

Janet L. Schottel

Nucleic acid biochemistry; molecular biology.

Joint Members - From Other Departments

Vivian J. Bardwell

Regulation of gene expression; cancer

Stephen C. Ekker

Determination of the animal body plan; patterning of the eye; biochemical properties of auto-processing systems

Thomas S. Hays

Cytoskeleton and cell motility; Developmental mechanisms

Laura J. Mauro

Role of protein tyrosine phosphatases in cell differentiation and cell adhesion

Harry T. Orr

Cerebellar gene expression; mammalian development; histocompatability genes

Ann E. Rougvie

Temporal control of development; gene expression; protein-DNA interactions

Jeffrey A. Simon

Molecular biology of animal development; gene expression; protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions

David A. Zarkower

Sex determination; regulation of gene expression in development