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PSI Minnesota - Plant Science Investigation

Grades K-6

Find out how to turn your students' natural inquisitiveness into fun and exciting inquiry-based science.

Teachers in greenhouse

June 20-24 and July 11-14

*this is the final year that PSI will be offered*

RegisterIf you like the idea of a classroom alive with plants and inquisitive students, join us! This nine day workshop for elementary teachers with three follow-up meetings in the academic year focuses on how to use plants in inquiry-based science.

You'll take part in hands-on activities with seeds and germination, roots and shoots, leaves and photosynthesis, reproduction and flowers. In each of these areas, you will explore concepts and activities suited for classroom use at multiple grade levels.

During the workshop, you will have the chance to ask an "I wonder" question and pursue an answer by designing and conducting a simple investigation. By the conclusion of the two-week workshop, you'll have a working knowledge of plants and an action plan describing goals and classroom activities to engage your students.

To help make your classroom plant-friendly, you will build a plant growth stand with lights that you will take with you at the end of the workshop, along with pots, soil, ideas and support from the instructors to put your plan (or plants) and students into action.


University of MN | St. Paul campus


Dr. Susan Wick, University of Minnesota
Expert elementary teachers


Dr. Susan Wick | 612-625-4718

Course fees, materials, per diem, lunch, and three graduate credits are covered by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education's Improving Teacher Quality program grant.

Funds for these projects were provided by a grant from the federal Improving Teaching Quality Program of the No Child Left Behind Act administered by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.