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Renewable Energy + Bioproducts for teachers

Grades 6-12

Make your science classes exciting by including hands-on example of engineering, renewable energy and bioproducts.

Teachers with renewable energy experiment

June 20-30, 2016 • Monday-Friday: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

*this is the final year that Renewable Energy + Bioproducts will be offered*

RegisterHave you ever wondered about how to include the new engineering standards into your curriculum? Are you interested in wind and solar energy, ethanol from corn or wood, biodegradable plastics or other related topics?

This 9-day workshop focuses on middle school and high school science and engineering and includes hands-on experiments and information related to renewable energy, bioproducts, recycling and sustainability that can effectively enhance your existing science curriculum.

Flasks with chemicalsSome of the course activities include: what is engineering (lecture), use of algae to generate biomass and biofuel (lab), bio-diesel from vegetable oil (lab), solar energy (lab and field trip), ethanol from corn, cellulosic ethanol and some of the challenges (lecture), fermentation processes (lab), hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells (lecture and lab), paper recycling (lab and field trip), bio-based composites (demonstration), biodegradable plastics (lecture and lab) and other topics.


University of Minnesota | 302 Kaufer Lab | St. Paul campus | Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Dr. Ulrike Tschirner (U of M)
Timothy Chase (Murray Middle School)
Michael O'Connor (Washburn High School)


Dr. Ulrike Tschirner | 612-624-8798

All course fees, materials, per diem ($300 total), most lunches and three graduate credits will be covered by a grant from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education's Improving Teacher Quality Grant program. On campus housing for up to two participants is available.

Funds for these projects were provided by a grant from the federal Improving Teaching Quality Program of the No Child Left Behind Act administered by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.