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Faculty research

Faculty in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology conduct research that intersects with many critical areas within the biological sciences from genomics to evolution to biodiversity. Areas of emphasis include: 

Genomics + bioinformatics

Researchers: BrandvainBushley, CarterGantt, Gibson, Glazebrook, Katagiri, LeFebvre, LibourelMay, Ni, Silflow, Springer, Ward, and Young

Genes + development

Researchers: CarterGantt, Gibson, Gray, Marks, Ni, Olszewski, Silflow, Springer, and Wick

Molecules + metabolism

Researchers: Brambl, BushleyGanttGibson, and Libourel

Cell function

Researchers: Gantt, LeFebvre, Silflow, Ward, and Wick

Responses to the environment

Researchers: Biesboer, Kennedy, MoellerNi, and Wick

Biotic interactions

Researchers: Bushley, CarterGantt, Glazebrook, Katagiri, KennedyMay, MoellerOlszewski, Tiffin, Weiblen, and Young

Biodiversity + evolution

Researchers: BrandvainBushleyKennedyMay, MoellerPowers, TiffinWeiblen, and Yang

Ecosystem function

Researchers: Kennedy, and Powers