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Undergraduate courses

The department is committed to excellence in the classroom, in the laboratory and in field courses. A number of Plant and Microbial Biology faculty members have received awards for their contributions to undergraduate education.

Because the department transects all of biology, from molecules to ecosystems, faculty members participate in courses that cover the entire field of biology. These courses range from freshman seminars and introductory biology to molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, genomics, developmental biology, evolution, ecology, population biology, and bioinformatics.

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numbercourse titleterm(s)
Biol 1001Introductory Biology Evolutionary & Ecological PerspectivesSpring
Biol 1905Freshman Seminar: Topics differ each semester.Fall
Biol 2022General BotanyFall/Spring
Biol 3002Plant Biology: FunctionSpring
Biol 3005WPlant Function LaboratorySpring
Biol 3007WPlant Biology: Diversity and AdaptationFall
Biol 3272Applied BiostatisticsFall
Biol 3409
Biol 5409
Biol 4003Genetics (For Biology majors)Fall/Spring
Biol 4004Cell Biology (For Biology majors)Fall/Spring
Bio 5485Introduction BioinformaticsFall
numbercourse titleterm(s)
PBio 1212Plants & SocietySpring
PBio 4321Minnesota FloraFall, Even years
PBio 4511Flowering Plant DiversitySpring, Even Years
PBio 4601/5601Topics in Plant BiochemistrySpring, Odd Years
PBio 5301Plant GenomicsFall
PBio 5309Molecular Ecology And Ecological GenomicsFall
PBio 5412Plant PhysiologyFall
PBio 5514Plant Molecular BiologyFall
PBio 5516/4516WPlant Cell BiologySpring, Odd Years
PBio 5960

Special Topics
Section 1 MPGI
Section 2 PBS Itasca Orientation
Section 3 Phylogenetic Analysis