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Transfer from within the University of Minnesota

Explore admission requirements for students transferring from within the University of Minnesota system to the College of Biological Sciences.

Questions about the process? Please sign up for one of our transfer information sessions or contact the CBS transfer coordinator at 612-624-9717.

Admission requirement for Spring 2016 admission and beyond.
  • Students must be in good academic standing with their current college.
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA based on completion of 26 semester credits. A minimum of 12 credits must be completed at the University of Minnesota.
  • Science GPA of 2.5 or higher with at least 3 Science GPA courses completed prior to application. See below for Science GPA policies.
Science GPA

The Science GPA will be calculated using grades from all attempts at courses applicable to CBS degree programs, including original and repeated attempts (referred to as an unbracketed GPA), with the following stipulations:

  • A minimum of 3 graded courses must be included in the Science GPA. For the purpose of the Science GPA, CHEM 1061 + 1065 are considered to be 1 science course, and CHEM 1062 + 1066 are considered to be 1 science course.
  • At least 1 Science GPA course (3 credits minimum) must be completed at the University of Minnesota.
  • BIOL 2005 may only count in the science GPA when paired with BIOL 3211. 
  • AP courses will not count towards the Science GPA but may fulfill degree requirements.
  • Courses with the following designators are excluded from the Science GPA:
  • Transfer courses that may meet CBS degree requirements will be included at the discretion of CBS admissions staff.

This unbracketed Science GPA is calculated only for the purpose of admission to CBS.

Students should consult the University Catalog and information above to identify Science GPA courses which courses might be applicable to their desired degree program (noting that degree requirements are subject to change prior to your admission to CBS).

Courses that are generally applicable to a CBS degree program at the Twin Cities campus include, but are not limited to:

  • Biology: BIOL 2002, 2003, 3004, 2012, 2022 or equivalent
    • Note that BIOL 2002, 2003, and 3004 are generally reserved for current CBS students or those who are already transfer eligible. You should plan to complete your 3 Science GPA courses without these biology courses.
  • Calculus: MATH 1241, 1271, 1281, 1371, 1272, 1282, 1372 or equivalent
  • Physics (calculus-based): PHYS 1201, 1202, 1301, 1302 or equivalent
  • Chemistry: CHEM1061/1065, 1062/1066, 2301, 2302, 2311 or equivalent
  • Statistics: STAT 3011 or equivalent

Students who meet the above criteria but have fewer than 26 semester credits completed will be reviewed based on their college and high school coursework using a combination of the transfer and freshman admission requirements. Students who have less than 26 semester credits must still have completed 3 graded Science GPA courses prior to the time of application.

How to Apply

To transfer to the College of Biological Sciences from another college or campus within the University of Minnesota system, please complete the Undergraduate Change of College application. Visit for details and the application link.

If you are attempting to add a CBS major as your second major while maintaining your currently declared program, please contact the CBS Transfer Coordinator at prior to submitting your application to be sure you apply through the correct process.

  • Fall Admission - March 1
  • Spring Admission – October 1

Change of College Forms submitted after the deadline will not be considered until the following semester. Applicants should expect to receive a decision 2-4 weeks after the application deadline.

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