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Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Cary Eclipse Fluorescence SpectrophotometerEclipse (Varian Inc., Palo Alto CA ) - computer controlled fluorescence spectrophotometer with measurement modes for fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence. Czerny-Turner 0.125 m monochromators, 190-1100 wavelength range, fixed selective SWE from 1.5-20 nm, full spectrum Xe pulse lamp source, horizontal beam geometry. All refractive optical system with quartz overcoated optics, scan rates from 0.01-24,000nm/min, 80 data points per second maximum measurement rate in fluorescence mode, non-measurement phase stepping wavelength drive, room light immunity in fluorescence mode.

The instrument is equipped with Peltier temperature-controlled cuvette holder TLC 50 (Quantum Northwest, Spokane WA) with magnetic stirring and four open windows for fluorescence.


Recently Automated Polarization accessory was installed. The accessory consists of two motorized mechanisms in which the vertical and horizontal polarizers are mounted. It can be used for polarization-dependent wavelength scans, single point reads and time-based polarization assays and automatically moves out of the optical path when not in use.

The instrument also has home-built accessory for time-resolved luminescence measurement.

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