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JASCO J-815 Spectropolarimeter

JASCO J-815 SpectropolarimeterJ-815 is a Circular Dichroism (CD) spectropolarimiter from JASCO. It is mainly designed to measure CD in UV/Vis region but it has many optionally available measurement modes what makes it true "chiro-optical spectroscopy workbench."


  • Light source: 150W Xe arc lamp.
  • Wavelength range: 163-900 nm.
  • Standard mode: Circular Dichroism & UV/VIS absorbance.
  • Optional mode: magnetic CD, linear dichroism, fluorescence, stopped-flow.
  • Four channel simultaneous data acquisition: 2 internal and 2 external channels can be acquired simultaneously.
  • Single position Peltier cuvette holder for temperature controlled measurements.

JASCO recommends to use CDPro package for data analysis. It is available for download here. Unzip it to C:\CDPro directory and run index.html file.

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