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K-12 Outreach

Teaching students about plants and how critical they are to human well-being.

Training students in Central America and Mexico

    "Aprender haciendo": Our team has engaged over 200 Latin American students at the panamerican University of Zamorano in Honduras through the “Learning by Doing” program and the NSF funded LOARD (Live Oak Adaptation to Drought) project.

    Through this program, our team has given multiple hands-on lectures (in Spanish) to undergraduates at the University of Zamorano about climate change impacts on plants and the biosphere, the methods involved in the scientific project they are participating in, and an in-depth tour of the physiological equipment we use.

Costa Rica:
    Through NSF LOARD, our research team is engaging undergraduates from UNED (Universidad Estatal a Distancia) in Liberia Costa Rica in scientific education and direct participation in our common garden experiments in Guanacaste.

    Proyecto Encinos: With collaborator Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez, we have been conducting a student exchange between the University of Minnesota and the Centro de Investigaciones en Ecosistemas at UNAM in Morelia over the past seven years. The program has received institutional funding from both universities and through the NSF New World Oak project.

    Together with Patricia Balvanera at CIECO-UNAM and several other institutions, we co-teach a graduate level, cross-cultural sustainability science seminar.