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Visiting Professor

Associate Prof. Wei Wang, Peking University, Soil and microbial ecology

Prof. Wei Wang

Postdoctoral associates

Matthew Kaproth

We are using oak common gardens, herbarium collections and field measurements to investigate the evolution of drought tolerance (and suites of additional traits) in the American oaks. I am interested in investigating fundamental ecological processes driving species success and providing practical applications for species management. Publications.

Jose Eduardo Meireles (Dudu)

Evolution of xylem properties in the American oaks.

Nick Deacon

I am leading a project funded by the National Park Service on the Genetic diversity, ecological niches, and vulnerability to climate change of Aspen trees throughout the midwest with specific focus on relict stands within the Niobrara Scenic River National Park.

Anna Schweiger

Remote sensing of vegetation in the Dimensions of Biodiversity project at Cedar Creek.

Ph.D. students

Xiaojing Wei

I like chocolate, Beijing Opera, and trees. For research, I wish I could combine them all together but alas, you know that is not easy. I am studying the inter-specific processes influencing community assembly among the willow species in Central Minnesota including habitat specialization along hydrological gradient driven by tolerances to water-related stresses and plant-insect herbivore interactions.

Beth Fallon

I am interested in exploring the phylogeography of several perennial species of the interior chaparral in the Sky Islands of southeastern Arizona. I hope to understand the historic range shifts and community assembly patterns and use this information to inform predictions of landscape-scale changes under present-day climate change.

Laura Williams

My interests are in plant community dynamics and the role of evolutionary history in structuring communities. I intend to focus my research at the intersection of theoretical plant community ecology and applied restoration ecology.

Jake Grossman

I am interested in the relationship between plantbiodiversity and ecological function, especially indisturbed, restored, andmanagedecosystems. My past work has included studies of wetland restoration in northeast Ohio and eualyptus plantation silviculture in Paraguay.

Jen Teshera-Levye

Ecology and evolution of leaf venation networks.

Shan Kothari

Linking spectral properties of plants, phylogenetic diversity and community assembly.

Visiting Ph.D. student

Vinicius Marcilio da Silva

Community Assembly, diversity and ecosystem service trade-offs in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.

Former Students and Postdocs



  Alyson Center

PhD, 2015



Post Doc, 2012-2015

Will Pearse

UK flag  Will Pearse

Post Doc, 2012-2014




Gina Quiram

PhD, 2013

Mariana Anorve

Mariana Alvarez Anorve

Post Doc, 2013

Jessica Savage

PhD, 2010; Post Doc, 2010


Paul Gugger

PhD, 2010

Jeffrey Klemens

Post Doc, 2004-2006

Nick Deacon

PhD, 2009


Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Post Doc, 2005-2006