Sample Submission

Sample turnaround time is dependent on the current sample queue and other factors, including lab activities and instrumentation status (e.g., maintenance schedules). Customer participation in sample preparation procedures is encouraged after proper instruction from lab staff. Contact core facility staff for inquiries on sample status.

University of Minnesota Customer Sample Submission:

Deliver samples to the lab for electronic sample log-in by core facility staff. Provide all sample preparation information and experimental goals. Complete electronic version of the 'EFS Information Form'. Provide updated EFS numbers to the core facility when changes occur.

NOTE: All samples are analyzed in the order of receipt.

Sample Submission and Shipment Guidelines


Call or send email to one of the core facility staff members regarding your project and request for services before you send samples to the core facility. In addition to detailed sample prep and experimental design details, provide total protein amount, cysteine alkylating reagent, species and amino acid modifications of interest (when applicable).

St. Paul Lab (phone 1): 612-624-7715
St. Paul Lab (phone 2): 612-625-2280

MPLS Lab (phone 1): 612-625-2279
MPLS Lab (phone 2): 612-624-2674

2) LABEL YOUR SAMPLE TUBES ON THE LID with a Sharpie marker:

Label should include: Your INITIALS and SAMPLE NAME

Do NOT wrap lab tape around vials, they will not fit into a centrifuge

3) MAILING ADDRESSES for non-UM sample submission

Reminder for shipping packages with dry ice:
"Gas venting is critical: packages must allow for release of carbon dioxide gas. Dry ice must NEVER be sealed in a container with an airtight seal."

St. Paul Lab Mailing Address (Packages):
Center for MSP
University of Minnesota
43 Gortner Lab
1479 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55108

Minneapolis Lab Mailing Address (Packages):
Center for MSP
University of Minnesota
5-194 MCB
420 Washington Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455