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Hoya Kerrii, photo by Regan Golden

CBS Conservatory awarded Certifical of Cultural Merit by American Orchid Society

The College of Biological Sciences Conservatory is a biodiverse collection of plant species from around the world. We service the needs of classes, researchers, and the surrounding community through making both our plants and expertise available. The collection is the most diverse in the upper Midwestern United States, containing over 1,200 species of plants. We care for everything from rare and endangered plants, to invasive species, to plants that show developing economic potential. The material from this diverse living collection is leveraged for the maximum benefit for our students, scientists, and the public at large.

Regional Collections

Cloud Forest + Maritime Climate

These moderate climates house biodiverse flora and ancient lineages of plants.


Deserts cover one-third of the Earth’s land surface.


Just at the edge of the true deserts are places that get a bit more rainfall.


Sub-Tropical regions are found at slightly higher latitude from the more moderate climates in the tropics.


Tropical regions, around the equator, can be both wet and dry.

Special Collections

The Corpse Flower

The notoriously noxious plant, native to Sumatra’s equatorial rain forests, makes a big impression reaching up to six feet tall and emitting a scent often likened to “rotting meat.”

Research Collections
  • Figs
  • Species Impatiens
  • Oaks
  • Peppers
  • Gesneriaceae