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George Weiblen

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George Weiblen



Plant systematics, molecular phylogenetics, coevolution, and plant/pollinator interactions

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Dr. George Weiblen
Department of Plant Biology
University of Minnesota
250 Biological Science Center
1445 Gortner Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108

Office: 820 Biological Sciences Center
Phone: (612) 624-3461
Fax: (612) 625-1738
Web Site: Weiblen Lab

Research Interests

The Weiblen lab studies plant and insect systematics, population genetics, molecular phylogenetics, ecology and coevolution. Phylogenetic theory and molecular approaches have invigorated the search for answers to broad evolutionary problems that have captivated biologists since Darwin. We combine fieldwork in tropical and temperate ecosystems with specimen-based research and DNA sequencing to study the ecology and evolution of plant-insect interactions. Studies of tropical forest dynamics and coevolution in fig pollination are particular areas of current research. Other interests include Cannabis genetics, phylogenetic theory, floristics, and biodiversity conservation.

"I'm a resident fellow of the Institute on the Environment, an interdisciplinary institute that seeks solutions to Earth's most pressing environmental problems through innovative research, partnerships and leadership development."


Ph.D. 1999, Harvard University
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Phone: 612- 624-3461
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