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Reuben S. Harris


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Research Description

The Harris lab is interested in mechanisms of mutation in immunity and carcinogenesis. Please see our website for information and links.

Recent Publications

Harris, R.S. (2015) Molecular mechanism and clinical impact of APOBEC3B-catalyzed mutagenesis in breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research, 17:8 (21 January 2015).

Vieira, V., B. Leonard, E.A. White, G.J. Starrett, N.A. Temiz, L.D. Lorenz, D. Lee, M.A. Soares, P.F. Lambert, P.M. Howley & R.S. Harris (2014) HPV E6 Triggers Upregulation of the Antiviral and Cancer Genomic DNA Deaminase APOBEC3B. MBio 5:e02234-14. doi: 10.1128/mBio.02234-14. PMID: 25538195; PMCID: PMC4278539.

Refsland, E.W., J.F. Hultquist, E.M. Luengas, T. Ikeda, N.M. Shaban, E.K. Law, W.L. Brown, C. Reilly, M. Emerman & R.S. Harris (2014) Natural polymorphisms in human APOBEC3H and HIV-1 Vif combine in primary T lymphocytes to affect viral G-to-A mutation levels and infectivity. PLoS Genetics 10(11):e1004761. PMID: 25411794; PMCID: PMC4238949.

Land, A.M., N.M. Shaban, L. Evans, J.F. Hultquist, J.S. Albin & R.S. Harris (2014) APOBEC3F determinants of HIV-1 Vif sensitivity. Journal of Virology 88:12923-7. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02362-14. Epub 2014 Aug 20. PMID: 25142588; PMCID: PMC4248952.

Albin, J.S., R.S. LaRue, J.A. Weaver, E. Harjes, H. Matsuo & R.S. Harris (2010) A single amino acid in human APOBEC3F alters susceptibility to HIV-1 Vif. Journal of Biological Chemistry, in press.

Albin, J.S., G. Haché, J.F. Hultquist, W.L. Brown & R.S. Harris (2010) Long-term restriction by APOBEC3F selects HIV-1 variants with restored Vif function. Journal of Virology, 84, 10209-19.

Demorest. Z.L., D.A. MacDuff, W.L. Brown, S.G. Morham, L.V. Parise & R.S. Harris (2010) The interaction between AID and CIB1 is nonessential for antibody gene diversification by gene conversion or class switch recombination. PLoS One, 5(7), e11660 (7 pages).

LaRue, R.S., J. Lengyel, S.R. Jónsson, V. Andrésdóttir & R.S. Harris (2010) Lentiviral Vif degrades the APOBEC3Z3/APOBEC3H protein of its mammalian host and is capable of cross-species activity. Journal of Virology, 84, 8193-8201.

Sadler, H.A., M.D. Stenglein, R.S. Harris & L.M. Mansky (2010) APOBEC3G contributes to HIV-1 variation by sublethal mutagenesis. Journal of Virology, 84, 7396-404.

Albin, J.S. & R.S. Harris (2010) Interactions of host APOBEC3 restriction factors with HIV-1 in vivo: implications for therapeutics. Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine, 12, e4 (26 pages)

Refsland, E.W., M.D. Stenglein, K. Shindo, J.S. Albin, W.L. Brown & R.S. Harris (2010) Quantitative profiling of the full APOBEC3 mRNA repertoire in lymphocytes and tissues: implications for HIV-1 restriction. Nucleic Acids Research, 38, 4274-84.

Stenglein, M.D., M.B. Burns, M. Li, J. Lengyel & R.S. Harris (2010) APOBEC3 proteins mediate the clearance of foreign DNA from human cells. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 17, 222-229. Published online: 10 January 2010 | doi:10.1038/nsmb.1744 *News Highlight: Flintoft, L. (2010) Human cells clear foreign DNA. Nature Reviews Genetics, 11, 172.

Shandilya, S.M.D., M.N.L. Nalam, E.A. Nalivaika, P.J. Gross, J.C. Valesano, K. Shindo, M. Li, M. Munson, E. Harjes, T. Kouno, H. Matsuo, R.S. Harris, M. Somasundaran & C.A. Schiffer (2010) Crystal structure of the APOBEC3G catalytic domain reveals potential oligomerization interfaces. Structure, 18, 28-38.

Hultquist, J.F. & R.S. Harris (2009) Leveraging APOBEC3 proteins to alter the HIV mutation rate and combat AIDS. Future Virology, 4, 605-619.

Harjes, E., P.J. Gross, K.-M. Chen, Y. Lu, K. Shindo, R. Nowarski, J.D. Gross, M. Kotler, R.S. Harris & H. Matsuo (2009) An extended structure of the APOBEC3G catalytic domain indicates a unique holoenzyme model. Journal of Molecular Biology, 389, 819-32.

Haché, G., T.E.M. Abbink, B. Berkhout & R.S. Harris (2009) Optimal translation initiation enables Vif-deficient HIV-1 to escape restriction by APOBEC3G. Journal of Virology, 83, 5956-5960.

MacDuff, D.A., Z.L. Demorest & R.S. Harris (2009) AID can restrict L1 retrotransposition suggesting a dual role in innate and adaptive immunity. Nucleic Acids Research, 37, 1854-1867.





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