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Ric Roderick

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Ric Roderick
Senior laboratory technician


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I received a BS from Plant Pathology here at the University of Minnesota, and spent a good part of my life as an agricultural crop consultant. We should acknowledge the fact that plants have a direct correlation towards our survival. Most reasons are obvious but it may not be so evident that the pharmaceutical market is dependent on plants for their special problem-fighting characteristics and man is dependent on the pharmaceutical market.

What fascinates me about the plant world is the evolution of specific plants that have figured out ways to adapt to different environments in order to be very successful in their survival, while thriving. The mechanisms can be subtle, while others are very extreme and pop out at the casual observer. Plants are simply part of the background for most people, although they can’t avoid the attraction of vibrant colors, striking leafy material, along with fragrant senses that are being aroused. Every plant has a story, as varied as the snowflakes that fall in the winter. So much to discover, so little time!


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