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Graduate Student Research Projects

2008-2015 Genetic Counseling Graduate Student Research Project Titles

How Do Patients Use Test Results for BRCA Testing?
Student:Marissa Harer                            Research Supervisor: Mary Ahrens                                

How does having Alopecia Areata Influence Family Communication Patterns?**
Student: Lisa Catalano                   Research Supervisor:Pat McCarthy Veach                              

Newborn Screening Results for CF: Family Communications Around Carrier Identification
Student:Ashley Wells           Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy                         

When the Topic is You: Genetic Counselors’ Responses to Prenatal Patients’ Requests for Self-Disclosure**
Student:Jessica Chavey                   Research Supervisor: Pat McCarthy Veach               

What are the goals of genetic counseling in Lebanon?*
Student:Rima Al Hajj                   Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy                         

The perceived value of susceptibility testing (GWAS studies)
Student:Heather Bemmels               Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy                        

Families Living with Autism: Value of Family Stories
Student:Emily Hansen                   Research Supervisor: Pat McCarthy Veach               

Use and Storage of Newborn Screen Cards: Public Attitudes*
Student:Maggie O’Rourke               Research Supervisor: Amy Gaviglio       

What’s the Harm: Genetic Counselor Perceptions of Adverse Effects of Genetics Service Provision by Non-Genetics Professionals**
Student: Tracy Bensend                   Research Supervisor: Kristin Niendorf                      

Perceptions and Attitudes about Genetic Counseling among Residents of a Midwestern Rural Area**
Student:Rachel Riesgraf                  Research Supervisor: Pat McCarthy Veach     

Evaluation of Public Education for Genetic Breast Cancer Risk in the Jewish Population
Student:Rebecca Johnson                 Research Supervisor: Mary Ahrens                                     

Analysis of Genetic Awareness Campaign in Minnesota
Student:Erin Holtmeyer                 Research Supervisor: Melissa Truelson          

Prenatal Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization: A Survey of Prenatal Genetic Counselors’ Experiences and Attitudes**
Student:Marina Mikhaelian            Research Supervisor: Matt Bower                             

Giving Bad News: Genetic Counselors’ Experience
Student:Anne Morrison                  Research Supervisor: Pat McCarthy Veach               

Old Issues in a New Wrapper?  Genetic Counselor’s Perspectives on Array-Based Technologies for Prenatal Diagnosis
Student: Kristin Sedgwick                Research Supervisor: Matt Bower                    

Every Picture Tells a Story: Effects of Photographic Images on Perceptions and Attitudes about Genetic Conditions*
Student:Jennifer Holle           Research Supervisor: Pat McCarthy Veach              

Referral Sources for Familial Cancer Patients in Minnesota
Student:Lindsay Swanson               Research Supervisor: Jane Korn                                

Genetic Counselors’ Experiences and Strategies for Addressing Patient Anger**
Student:Lynn Schema           Research Supervisor: Pat McCarthy Veach              

Understanding Why Patients Referred for Genetic Cancer Counseling Don’t Respond*
Student:Judy Fan                          Research Supervisor: Anna Leininger                      

A Qualitative Investigation of How Families Communicate the Diagnosis of DMD to Affected Children*
Student:Anne Dougherty       Research Supervisor: Joline Dalton                                    

Ethical and Professional Challenges Encountered by Laboratory Genetic Counselors**
Student: Dan Groepper                  Research Supervisor: Matt Bower          

Genetic Counseling in South Africa: the Patient Experience*
Student:Stephanie Goettl       Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy                                       

Genetic Counseling in South Africa: the Practitioner Experience*
Student:Emily Sandberg                 Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy

Practitioner Anxiety as a Predictor for Compassion Fatigue**
Student:Whiwon Lee            Research Supervisor: Pat McCarthy Veach     

Moving Along the Referral Line in Cancer Genetic Testing*
Student:Rebecca Tryon                   Research Supervisor: Kristin Niendorf                     

Elevated C4 identified on newborn screening: A Chart Review*
Student:Megan Shearouse               Research Supervisor: Susan Berry                   

Educational tools for teaching about Next Generation Sequencing
Student: Lindsey Bade          Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy                         

The Role of Laboratory Genetic Counselors in the Profession*
Student:Christy Koellner        Research Supervisor: Matt Bower                   

Form Follows Function: A Model for Clinical Supervision Practice in Genetic Counseling**
Student:Colleen Wherley       Research Supervisor: Pat McCarthy Veach                        

Long-term outcomes of preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Fanconi anemia families*
Student:Katrina Haude                  Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut  

Impact of Locus of Control and Dispositional Optimism on Perceived Burden of Prader-Willi Syndrome
Student:Melanie Danh          Research Supervisor: Pat McCarthy Veach

Anticipation, Ancestry, Anxiety and Autonomy: Adoptive Parents' Views on Genetic Testing of Their Children*
Student: Olivia Michel           Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy

An Investigation of Women at High Risk for Hereditary Cancer Who Do Not Utilize Genetics Services: What Are They Communicating to Their Families?*
Student: Shellie Kieke           Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy

Analysis of Incidental Findings and Patient Preferences Regarding Return of Results in Medical Exome Sequencing*
Student: Katie Wiens             Research Supervisor: Matt Bower

Complex Counseling Issues Regarding Cancer Panels: Genetic Counselors' Experiences Regarding Communication of Reproductive Risks Associated with Autosomal Recessive Conditions**
Student: Sarah Mets              Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut

Above and Beyond the Fiscal Horizon: An Investigation of Neurologists' Perceptions of the Value of Genetic Counselors in the Neurology Clinic*
Student: Gemma Egar           Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut

From Projection to Empathy: Characterizing Genetic Counselors' Countertransference Experiences*
Student: Rebecca Reeder      Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy

A First Look at Psychosocial Outcomes in Adult Survivors of Fanconi Anemia: Neurocognitive, Behavioral, Emotional, Quality of Life, and Post-Traumatic Stress
Student: Michelle Takemoto Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut

Seekers, Finders, Settlers, and Stumblers: Identifying the Career Paths of Males in the Genetic Counseling Profession
Student: Anthony Chen        Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut

"If It Helps, It's Worth a Try": An Investigation of Perceptions and Attitudes About Genetic Counseling Among Southern Manitoba Hutterites
Student: Amber Gemmell     Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy

Lights, Camera, Actionability! What Will the Public Do With Information From Genome Sequencing?
Student: David Seiffert         Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut

Flipping the Classroom and the Clinic: Meeting the Needs of the Expanding Genetic Counseling Workforce Through Online Branching Case Studies
Student: Alex Cummings      Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut

Who is at Risk? Recurrence Risks of Alopecia Areata and Other Associated Diseases in First-Degree Relatives
Student: Katie Agre               Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut

State-Provided or Guaranteed Medical Foods and Special Metabolic Formulas for Treatment of Inbord Errors of Metabolism
Student: Laura Haugo           Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut

Efficacy of Antisense Oligonucleotides in Reducing Purkinje Cell Ataxin1 RNA Levels
Student: Hillary Handler       Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy

Why Are Cancer Genetic Counseling Services Underutilized? Barriers Patients Face Following a Genetic Counseling Referral
Student: Alyssa Kne            Research Supervisor: Heather Zierhut

Managing Couple Conflict During Prenatal Counseling Sessions: An Investigation of Genetic Counselor Experiences and Perceptions
Student: Kara Schoeffel       Research Supervisor: Bonnie LeRoy


* Accepted for platform or poster presentation at the National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Education Conference

** Paper published in peer reviewed journal