Matlab Install

Installing On a PC


Finding the files

  1. First, we'll need to find the Matlab files on the CBS Active Directory server. In order to do this, you can follow this guide.You also have the option to download the files from the web if you would like instead of mapping the drives. Use Webfiles for this purpose. Use your x500 and password to log in, and you will browse the same folders as shown in this guide.
  2. In the "S:\" or shared server, you should see a folder labeled "USERS" and then a folder labeled "Matlab" inside of it. Open the "PC" folder inside the Matlab folder. Open the R2014a folder inside the PC folder.
  3. Download the contents of the folder to your computer.
  4. Run setup.exe.
  5. Setup Files:

  1. If prompted with a syntax error, hit ok and it will automatically copy some files over


Copy files after error:

Installing Matlab

  1. When the mathworks installer prompts installation select "Use a File Installation Key" - Make sure you are connected through an ethernet port to the Internet.
  2. Select "I agree to the terms of service"
  3. When prompted with "Provide File Installation Key", the installation key is found in the R2014a folder that you should still have open - It is found under the FIK.txt document. Open this and copy the installation key over to the installer
  4. Hit next or select which components you want installed.
  5. Select the folder where you want to install Matlab to. If unspecified, it will automatically install to Program Files.
  6. When prompted with "Enter a path to the license file", select browse: Then find the .lic file in the Matlab folder (SWMatlabLicenseMK2.lic) browse and find the license file:


9.   Let the installation process run (most toolboxes are included in the installation package)

10. Confirm that Matlab works by running it after install

Installing on a Mac


Finding the files

  1. Connect to the CBS share server by following this guide
  2. Find the Matlab folder through the following folders: cbs$ -> Users -> Matlab -> Mac and Linux
  3. Copy the file R2014a_UNIX.iso to your computer.
  4. Run the InstallforMacOSX installer application that is inside the R2014a_UNIX.iso disk image (double click to view the files in it).



Installing Matlab

  1. Allow Java to make changes by entering the password for the Mac user account (This is your personal computer password)
  2. Select Use a File Installation Key
  3. Select "agree to the terms of use"
  4. Select "I have the File Installation Key for my license" : The installation key can be found in the FIK.txt file in the Mac and Linux folder (cbs$ -> Users -> Matlab -> Mac and Linux)


5. Copy and paste the key into the installer and hit OK

6. Select which options you want installed

7. Select where you want Matlab installed, if left unchanged it will install to your Applications folder

8. When prompted with "Enter a path to the license file", select browse: Then find the .lic file in the Mac and Linux folder (SWMatlabLicenseMK2.lic).

9. Select this file from browse:


10. Let the installation run and make sure the program runs after it is complete (most toolboxes are included with the install package).


  • Why does the R2011a MATLAB installer fail to start on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and above?
    • The installer may fail to start on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and above if the default JRE is not set to 64-bit Java6. To confirm, navigate to your Applications/Utilities folder in Finder and launch Java Preferences. In Java Preferences, check in the Applications section of the General tab. The installer will use the JRE that is in the top of the list. If you do not have 64-bit Java6 at the top, drag that option to the top of the list and then retry the installer. If you do not have 64-bit Java options in Java Preferences, your computer may only support 32-bit and you will not be able to use R2010b and above. Try running Software Update to obtain 64-bit Java. If you still do not have 64-bit Java options after running software update, contact Apple to see if your computer supports 64-bit.
  • What are the system requirements to run this version of Matlab?