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MatLab License Instructions

The CBS license of MatLab expired. We have updated the license file and published it for download.

If you need the updated license file, please follow the steps below:
  1. Ensure you are on either connected to the network on campus or are on VPN.

  2. Connected to the CBS shared drive at //

    1. For instructions on how to map a shared drive, please follow this tutorial:

  3. Navigate to // file/

  4. Copy this file to your device and put it somewhere easy to remember (e.g. downloads, desktop, etc.)

  1. Start MATLAB

    1. On the MATLAB menu, see Help -> Licensing -> Activate Software

    2. Select "Activate manually without the internet"

    3. Select "Enter the full path to your license file..." Select "Browse" to navigate to the new license file that you downloaded and saved. Check your downloads folder or your desktop if you are not sure where the file was saved.

    4. "Activation is complete" indicates success.

    5. Select Finish.

If you run into any issues, please contact us at or 6-8126.