Data Backup (Personally Owned Devices)

Worried about losing data on your personally owned computer? CBS-IT provides backup services for faculty, lab managers, and graduate student staff to safeguard important data on your personally owned devices using CrashPlan Pro, an industry leader in enterprise quality desktop and laptop backups.

Features Included

  • You may back up 2 personally owned devices (university owned lab computers do not count towards the total) - for University owned computers please see this page
  • Installation instructions to help you install CrashPlan on your personal device
  • Automatically create backups every 30 minutes provided the computer is connected to the internet.
  • Retain data for 3 months.
  • Access to the CrashPlan server so you may retrieve your own data through a web page and software installed on your computer.
  • Instructions to allow you to restore your data when you need it.
Features Not Included
  • CrashPlan does not back up non-essential directories such as program files, applications, or operating system files.
  • Installation services.  We will provide software installer files and instruction guides, but will not directly install the software.
Customer Responsibilities
  • Install the CrashPlan client by following these instructions
  • Read our CrashPlan documentation here
  • See this page for information on backing up University owned computer
  • Make sure you are connecting to the internet often so that CrashPlan can complete a backup. You will receive an email alert from us if your computer has not been backed up for several weeks. This allows us to ensure that CrashPlan is working properly on your machine and is indeed backing up all of your data.
  • To restore your own data follow instructions provided here

Free for CBS Faculty, Lab Managers, and Graduate Student Staff

Service Availability

Standard Availability Hours
Generally available 24x7 365 however may be unavailable at times for maintenance and support operations.

Our Commitment

Eligibility lists are updated every semester.  CBS-RLT will automatically create accounts for all newly eligible CBS affiliates each semester.  Software installation and data recovery are self-conducted by users of the system.

Applicable University Policy

Data stored on the CrashPlan server is accessible to system administrators, however access is restricted per University Policy.  See the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources administrative policy for further information.