College Software Licensing

CBS-RLT provides several software licenses available to CBS faculty, staff, and students to install on University-owned computers.  We ensure that software is purchased at the best possible price and make sure that the most up to date installers and licenses are available for use.  We are happy to provide assistance with issues related to software installers or licenses and provide guides or training resources.  

Here is a list of software that CBS currently provides licenses for:

Additionally, the central Office of Information Technology provides the following software:

  • Anti-Virus software

  • Mac OS

  • Microsoft Windows operating systems

  • Microsoft Office

  • A full listing of software provided by OIT for fee and for free can be found on Technology Products.

If you would like to request additional software that you think CBS-RLT should provide to the college, please do so using this form.  If there is a large demand, we will look into buying a college-wide license.

If you would like more information on accessing this software, have any questions, or would like additional assistance, please contact CBS-RLT.