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News Releases

09/21/2016: U of M researchers identify an unexpected cause of mutation in cancer

08/24/2016: Global study shows link between fertilizer and plant diversity

02/25/2016: Human Gut Microbiome Evolution: From Hunter-Gatherers to a Western Lifestyle

02/17/2016: New U of M research could help improve HIV/AIDS therapies

02/08/2016: Study: Secondary tropical forests absorb carbon at higher rate than old-growth forests

12/10/2015: Resistance of ER-positive Breast Cancer to Tamoxifen Therapy May be Driven by APOBEC3B

10/12/2015: Vines add surprising variable to tropical forest carbon storage

10/05/2015: New Dædalus Issue on “The Future of Food, Health & the Environment of a Full Earth”

07/17/2015: U of M study explains why hemp and marijuana are different

07/15/2015: Boosting nutrients gives a leg up to invasive species

06/23/2015: Telltale traits of bacteria offer clues for improved colorectal cancer treatment, prevention

06/09/2015: Largest-ever scientific camera trapping survey reveals "secret lives of the Serengeti"

04/17/2015: Diversity is key to stability, grassland study finds

02/04/2015: U of M researcher who established value of biodiversity wins international award

01/05/2015: Researchers discover surprising versatility in bacteria that derive energy from metals

12/16/2014: Study reveals that people may inherit ‘gut’ bacteria that cause Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

11/12/2014: Live longer? Save the planet? Better diet could nail both

10/20/2014: U of M study: Blind cave fish may provide insight on eye disease and other human health issues

10/01/2014: Groundbreaking biology education effort launches at U of M

09/15/2014: University of Minnesota study shows chimps are naturally aggressive

08/05/2014: University of Minnesota research finds key piece to cancer cell survival puzzle

08/05/2014: U of M researcher finds cooling effect in warming Arctic lakes

08/04/2014: Why are some lessons more easily learned than others? U of M researcher offers an evolutionary explanation

06/27/2014: Popular Bell Museum exhibit showcasing UMN lion research returns for a summer run

06/23/2014: Master regulator of key cancer gene found, offers new drug target

06/06/2014: Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve offers a rare opportunity to see a rare bird

06/04/2014: U of M researcher investigates impact of road salt on butterflies

03/26/2014: University of Minnesota student named 2014 Barry M. Goldwater scholar

03/05/2014: U of M-led global study finds herbivores can offset loss of plant biodiversity in fertilized grasslands

11/06/2013: U of M scientists solve major piece in the origin of biological complexity

10/16/2013: U of M researchers launching effort to get a bird's-eye view of changing ecosystems

10/10/2013: U of M researchers suggest complex relationship between phosphorus levels and nitrogen removal in lakes

09/24/2013: Innovative University of Minnesota biology course project wins national science education award

09/12/2013: U of M researchers discover early-warning system to prevent fishery collapse

09/04/2013: U of M to explore potential new college to combine agriculture, life sciences and environment

08/22/2013: U of M expert available to discuss pesticide residue

08/22/2013: U of M researchers find brain size tracks human-induced changes to the environment in some species

08/15/2013: Female frogs prefer males who can multitask

08/09/2013: University of Minnesota researchers advance a new crop plant that could change agriculture in Minnesota and beyond

08/02/2013: Ecological Society pays tribute to legendary Minnesota scientists

07/14/2013: Antiviral enzyme contributes to several forms of cancer, University of Minnesota researchers say

05/23/2013: See Red-Headed Woodpeckers at U of M ecology field station

05/17/2013: Gene modification technology developed at University of Minnesota and Iowa State University receives patents

05/01/2013: U of M professor named to National Academy of Sciences

04/18/2013: Earth day 2013: U of M experts available to discuss environmental responsibility

03/29/2013: Three University of Minnesota students named 2013 Barry M. Goldwater Scholars

03/07/2013: World's leading lion researcher calls for a 'Marshall Plan' for African wildlife

03/05/2013: The way we weren't: University of Minnesota biologist debunks myth that humans peaked in Paleolithic era

02/06/2013: Masonic Cancer Center researchers discover enzyme behind breast cancer mutations

01/30/2013: Discovery of sexual mating in fungi that causes 400,000 deaths per year could provide insights on how to prevent and treat infections

01/30/2013: University of Minnesota researchers unveil first artificial enzyme created by evolution in a test tube

01/07/2013: 'Science' names University of Minnesota researcher's gene-modification technique one of 2012's top scientific breakthroughs

12/11/2012: University of Minnesota researchers launch online citizen science project to study Serengeti animals

11/29/2012: University of Minnesota honored with seven 2012 AAAS Fellows

10/17/2012: U of M scientist contributes to mapping of barley genome

09/26/2012: U of M receives $4.3 million NSF grant to study interactions between water and land-use systems

09/20/2012: University-led consortium doubles number of underrepresented minority STEM graduates

09/18/2012: 'Confounding problem' of excess nitrogen subject of Oct. 4 Moos lecture

09/17/2012: University of Minnesota scientists get federal go ahead for biotechnology development to clean up hydraulic fracturing (fracking) water

08/30/2012: University of Minnesota to hire 16 new faculty to form collaborative clusters that will address global health and environmental challenges

07/25/2012: U of M researcher explores how nature and science can be applied to modern agriculture in 'Darwinian Agriculture'

06/27/2012: How sticky toepads evolved in geckos and what that means for adhesive technologies

06/20/2012: 40-year anniversary of Clean Water Act focus of June 25 Moos lecture

03/29/2012: Three University of Minnesota students named 2012 Barry M. Goldwater scholars

01/07/2012: University of Minnesota biologists replicate key evolutionary step

12/22/2011: U of M researchers discover new target for HIV drugs

11/16/2011: Genome map of legume reveals how ancient gene duplication led to plants' unique properties

11/02/2011: How should society pay for services ecosystems provide

10/18/2011:  Organic farming thought leader Fred Kirschenmann to speak at U of M Nov. 10 on "Water and the Challenges Facing U.S. and World Agriculture in the 21st Century"

10/12/2011:  International team crafts plan to feed world and protect planet

09/28/2011: U of M Cedar Creek field station hosts 'Ordinary Vikings' outdoor art installation exploring Scandinavian cultural roots

07/21/2011: U of M researchers discover gene required to maintain male sex throughout life

07/21/2011: Chance favors the concentration of wealth, U of M study shows

07/20/2011: The full moon indicates impending danger from lion attack, a University of Minnesota study shows

07/18/2011: Rapid venom evolution in pit vipers may be defensive

05/03/2011: Nobel Laureate to give U of M College of Biological Sciences commencement address and receive honorary degree

04/18/2011: U of M scientist gets five-year, $10 million grant to direct innovative HIV research program

02/01/2011: Global ecology network created by U of M researchers overturns assumption about invasive plant species

11/15/2010: U of M biology students take gold award in MIT contest to create biological machines

11/11/2010: U researchers receive grants to help improve agricultural productivity, grow nutritious foods and fight plant parasites

08/24/2010: U of M dedicates new Science Teaching and Student Services building

08/20/2010: Reproductive biologist Louis Guillette to speak on environmental contaminants and birth defects Sept. 14

07/29/2010: Two recent graduates launch start-up company based on atrazine treatment technology

06/29/2010: U of M experts available to discuss healthy outdoor swimming practices

06/24/2010: Study helps to explain why some tropical species are rare while others are common

05/20/2010: University of Minnesota gets $1.5 million grant from Howard Hughes Medical Institute to engage students in research

05/13/2010: Setting time limits for hunting and fishing, rather than quotas, may help maintain wildlife populations, U researcher says

05/10/2010: U of M biology undergrad curriculum gets thumbs up from external review team

04/29/2010: See Red-Headed Woodpeckers at U of M ecology field station

04/27/2010: University of Minnesota professor Stephen Polasky elected to National Academy of Sciences

04/14/2010: U of M professor David Tilman wins top international ecology prize

03/11/2010: U of M researcher discovers how electricity moves through cells

03/10/2010: Students' perceptions about the Earth's age influence their acceptance of human evolution

03/09/2010: Hidden habits and movements of insect pests revealed by DNA barcoding

02/17/2010: University of Minnesota scientist finds that big plant seeds don't always beat out small seeds

02/05/2010: Noted author Robert Glennon to speak on critical water issues

01/29/2010: University of Minnesota study: Planting trees, restoring prairies help reduce C02 -- but not enough to make a difference