Board Constitution

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The Constitution of the College of Biological Sciences Student Board

Ratified on 02/25/14

Article I

General Items

Section 1:            The official name of this organization shall be the College of Biological Sciences Student Board.

Section 2:            This Board shall operate as a nonprofit organization in accordance with any and all University of Minnesota policies, as well as federal, state and local regulations.

Article II

Board Objectives

Section 1:             To build an atmosphere of camaraderie within the CBS community.

Section 2:            To provide support to all CBS students so that the concerns of the student body are voiced and recognized.

Section 3:            To serve as a liaison between the CBS student body and the CBS administration, faculty, and staff, presenting each party’s interests to the other.

Section 4:            To assist CBS-affiliated student organizations, which includes Campus Life Programs associated with a CBS department and clubs associated with a CBS major, and other student organization initiatives of interest to CBS students in executing directives and financial distributions as outlined in Article VII, Section 5; and to facilitate collaboration between these student groups.

Section 5:            To collaborate with other college Student Boards and organizations in order to increase CBS involvement in the greater University environment.

Article III


Section 1:             Any current University of Minnesota-Twin Cities undergraduate registered for six or more credits who will be a CBS undergraduate at the time of membership may apply for membership without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Section 2:            Should any board member fail to meet agreed-upon commitments, they may be expelled by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at a meeting announced at least one week in advance.

Section 3:            A formal written complaint must be submitted to the President, or if the President is involved, the Vice President, for all proposed impeachments. The President, or Vice President should it come to him/her, shall first attempt to mediate the matter. If mediation fails, or if two weeks have passed since the complaint was submitted, the Board shall vote on the removal as outlined in Section 2 of this article. A copy of the complaint will be brought to all members prior to any meeting at which a vote is to be taken on the matter.

Section 4:             A member against whom a complaint has been submitted shall have the following rights:

i.                To see the written complaint and to learn the identity of the complainant prior to the meeting of the Board at which the complaint will be addressed

ii.               To respond to the complaint, both orally and in writing.

iii.              To be represented at any hearing or meeting where decisions regarding removal will be made.

Article IV


Section 1:            Full board meetings shall be held once a week, barring any other circumstances that would prevent it. The Executive Officers and any other relevant committees shall meet as necessary. Members are required to attend all board meetings held during the year. Members are allowed two absences per academic semester aside from the University outlined Legitimate Absences. The Secretary is responsible for presenting the previous meeting’s minutes to the Board for approval by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board. The Executive Committee determines the definition of non-legitimate absences.

Section 2:             Members are encouraged to bring forth new ideas and feedback at each meeting, and are expected to follow through on commitments.

Section 3:             Quorum shall constitute two-thirds (2/3) of the total number of board members, including the Executive Officers.

Section 4:             All decisions that would change the membership of the Board or financial matters must be made by a simple majority vote with quorum present.

Section 5:            The Student Board may establish bylaws, which are subordinate to this constitution in the form of deadlines and criteria for any board business. The bylaws must be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative majority vote one week after being presented at a regular meeting.

Section 6:            The bylaws of the Student Board may be suspended by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative majority vote of the membership.

Section 7:            Bylaws shall have no ex post facto effects.

Article V


Section 1:             Board elections will take place in two rounds. The selection of the President and Vice President will occur first, followed by the selection of the remaining board.

Section 2:            Selection Committee:

1.     The selection committee for the roles of President and Vice President shall be comprised of the current President, Vice President, and one current board member not seeking a board position for the upcoming year. The board member shall be selected by majority vote prior to elections in the spring.

2.     In the event that the Vice President is seeking an executive position, the selection committee shall be made up of the current President and two members not seeking board positions for the next year.

Section 3:            The newly appointed President and Vice President will elect the remaining Executive Officers, as outlined in Article VI in addition to selecting the incoming general board members.

Section 4:            In case of a vacancy of executive position, the active members of the Board shall elect a new officer within two weeks of the occurrence of the vacancy.

Section 5:            All board members shall be selected to hold office for a term of one school year.

Section 6:            The installation of new board members and Executive Officers shall occur at a meeting in the month of April, after a period of transition from the previous year’s leadership.

Section 7:            The Board shall reserve the right to make new additions to membership at the half-term point, as seen fit. Any additions to the current Board shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

Article VI

Leadership and Committees

Section 1:            The Executive Committee of the Student Board will consist of the following positions; their duties are listed immediately thereafter:

1.     President:

1.1.1. The President is the Chair of the Board, whose duties include strategic positioning and conducting meetings for the effective functioning of the Board, as well as representing the Board at all official functions of the College of Biological Sciences. In addition, the President will be responsible for setting the agenda of the Board meeting and any Executive Officer, Committee Chair, and Positional Chair meetings.

1.1.2. The President works in conjunction with the Vice President to ensure committees complete assigned duties on schedule and to his/her and the Board’s standards.

1.2. The President shall only be able to serve in the role of President for one elected term. If the current President came into the position through a vacancy and has only occupied the position for one semester or less, the President shall be able to run for an additional full term, or two semesters.

2.     Vice President:

2.1. The Vice President is in charge of working in conjunction with committees, and ensuring that the committee is completing assigned duties on schedule and to his/her and the Board’s standards.

2.2. The Vice President is responsible for all presidential duties in the absence of the President, and shall serve in his/her place when he/she is absent.

Section 2:            In addition to the Executive Committee, the Executive Officers of the Student Board will also consist of the following positions; their duties are listed immediately thereafter:

1.     Treasurer:

1.1. The Treasurer is in charge of all financial matters. He/she is responsible for setting the budget for any event, and in the case that a budget is not submitted, the Treasurer is to assign a fixed figure budget.

1.2. The Treasurer is also responsible for keeping and updating all financial records, and collecting and screening all submissions to the Board asking for funding. The Treasurer creates and updates the proposed budget for College of Biological Sciences funding.

2.     Secretary:

2.1. The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes and board attendance at every meeting.

2.2. The Secretary will also keep a record book of evaluations, computer files, and paper copies of all materials relating to events and the Student Board in general.

3.     At least one or more board members in addition to the Treasurer and Secretary shall be appointed as an official Executive Officer of the Student Board based upon accompanying positional responsibilities and/or duties related to the requirements deemed necessary for the position.

4.     The Executive Officers make up the leadership for official business of the Student Board. Examples of official business include signing the constitution and being listed as an officer on the Student Union and Activities Website.

Section 3:            Committee Affairs: Committee leadership and organization will be conducted by the following:

1.     The President and Vice President shall appoint ad hoc committees that serve for the duration of their designated purpose. They will also be responsible for choosing the Committee Chair(s), who shall serve for the duration of the committee.

2.     Committee Chairs must report to the President and Vice President, who may remove Committee Chairs if they fail to meet agreed-upon standards.

Section 4:             The College of Biological Sciences Student Board shall appoint a Minnesota Student Association representative who reports to the Board about all activities relevant to the College of Biological Sciences student body within two weeks after each regular forum meeting. This representative is elected by the Executive Committee.

Section 5:             The Advisor of the Board shall be appointed by the CBS administration.

Section 6:             All remaining members are known as General Board Members and have voting rights. They constitute the membership of all the committees.

Section 7:             The President and Vice-President may form and dissolve ad hoc committees as they see fit, given the goals of the Board.

Section 8:             The President and Vice President may appoint additional Positional Chairs for Student Board initiatives as they see fit. These positions may or may not also be Executive Officers.

Article VII

Financial Matters

Section 1:             The Board shall not provide monetary gain, incidentally or otherwise to its membership. This does not restrict the payment of wages, salaries, or incentives by the Student Board for services rendered outside the defined duties of membership, pending approval by two-thirds (2/3) board membership.

Section 2:             The President and Vice-President shall review the budget that will be proposed to the College of Biological Sciences for funding that is recommended by the Treasurer. The budget approved for spending by the College of Biological Sciences must be presented to and acknowledged by the Board within the first three board meetings of the academic year.

Section 3:             Any amount of board money over $25.00 to be spent outside of a proposed event budget must first be referred to the President, Vice President, or Treasurer. Any lesser amount may be spent without such oversight. This stipulation does not apply to Event Committee spending within an allocated budget.

Section 4:             Should the Board dissolve, residual assets shall be held for one semester then returned to the College of Biological Sciences, unless a new Student Board is appointed in that semester.

Section 5:             The Student Board shall allocate a portion of its budget for financial directives used to assist CBS affiliated campus life programs, student groups associated with a CBS major, and other student groups with academic, career exploration, or research initiatives that are related to the interest of CBS students. Each individual student organization is eligible for one grant per semester. The application policy, selection criteria, stipulations, and requirements for distributing these funds, known as the “CBS Student Board Grant Initiative”, shall be determined by the Executive Committee, Treasurer, and Advisor. The application must consist of a general application, presentation at a Student Board meeting, approval of the application by two­-thirds (2/3) majority of the Board, and written or oral reflection, as well as any additional requirements deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, Treasurer, and Advisor of the Student Board.

Article VIII


Section 1:             Amendments to the Constitution of the Board shall be made by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the active members present at any meeting where a quorum is reached.

Section 2:             Amendments to the Constitution shall be presented, by an active member, to the members at least one regular meeting before they are to be voted on.

Signed and ratified on 02/25/2014 by: Beau Miller, 2013-2014 President; Emily Ellingson, 2013-2014 Vice President; Ayoolamide Gazal, 2013-2014 Treasurer; Katherine Kelsey, 2013-2014 Secretary; and Upasana Arvindam, 2013-2014 Student Group Relations Chair