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Grant Application and Reimbursement

Below you will find documents and information pertaining to the CBS Student Board Grant Initiative, such as the grant application and selection criteria, post-event reimbursement and reflection forms, logos, and grant stipulations and requirements.



The CBS Student Board is now accepting grant applications for fall of the 2015-16 academic school year.

Amount: The CBS Student Board will allot $800 each fall semester and $800 each spring semester to provide grants for which all College of Biological Sciences related student groups are eligible to apply.

**If you have any questions please email Akila Pai at**

Click here to apply for a CBS Student Board Grant



Please complete both the Grant Reimbursement and Post-Event Reflection form within 2 weeks of event completion to be eligible for grant reimbursement.

Click here for the CBS Student Board Grant Reimbursement form (complete to be eligible for reimbursement)

Click here for the CBS Student Board Grant Post-Event Reflection form (complete to be eligible for reimbursement)

Click here for instructions on how to complete reimbursement forms



Click here to download the CBS Student Board Grant Initiative logo that is required for all events and advertising pertaining to an event that is funded by an approved grant


More information on the CBS Student Board Grant Initiative application:

Selection Criteria:

1. Campus life programs affiliated with a CBS department, student groups associated with a CBS major, and other student groups with academic, career exploration, or research initiatives that are related to the interest of CBS students are eligible to receive grants.

2. Incomplete grant applications will not be considered.

3. Must be a registered student group through the University of Minnesota Student Activities Office. Priority will be given to student organizations who have not received a grant in the last 12 months.

4. Grant applications pertaining to events or programs on or near campus benefiting CBS and University students directly will be given priority over grants involving travel.

5. Successful grant applications generally contain a thorough budget breakdown and a low cost/attendee ratio. A general guideline for cost per attendee is $1-$3 per student. Grant applications costing more than $5 per student are generally not fully funded.

6. Please note that grant applications that aim to fund fundraisers are generally unsuccessful. The CBS Student Board does not fund items to be used for fundraising purposes (e.g., if a student group is holding a rose sale fundraiser, the Board will not fund the cost of the roses). However, students groups can apply for grants that cover the costs associated with organizing a fundraiser (e.g., renting a facility, prizes, food for attendees, etc.).

7. Grant applications are generally more successful if they are welcome to all members of the CBS community. This includes all CBS faculty, staff, and/or students. Grant applications that do not aim to contribute to and include any members of the CBS community will likely be unsuccessful. Grant applications that aim to contribute to and include some or specific CBS faculty, staff, and/or students, but not all, will not receive priority over events that include all members of the CBS community. Successful grant applications tend to have events aimed towards CBS students.

8. Grants will be awarded only to events which all persons have equal access without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Application Policy Information:

1. To apply, student groups must fill out the online CBS Grant Application and attendance by a group representative to give a brief presentation about the project or initiative at a CBS Student Board meeting. Questions about grant applications can be directed to Mitch Tiedke the 2014-2015 Treasurer of the CBS Student Board, at

2. Please note that all grant applications must be presented at a Board meeting by a member of the submitting student group.

3. To be eligible for funding, all student groups receiving grants must complete the online CBS Student Board Grant Reimbursement Form and Post-Event Reflection Form (which can all be found at for the sponsored event within two weeks of event completion. It is also expected that all respective receipts (must be itemized) and completed reimbursement forms documenting all purchases be turned in to Meaghan Stein in MCB 3-104. This obligation is solely the responsibility of the student group that has applied for and been awarded the grant. Failure to comply with these stipulations by the two-week deadline will result in the forfeit of the student group’s awarded grant. The CBS Student Board retains the right to reject your grant application, and revoke an entire awarded grant at any time for any reason.

4. Funded events must acknowledge sponsorship by the CBS Student Board in all advertising and publications for the event. Branding can be found on the CBS Student Board website or by e-mailing

5. Exceptions to these expectations are made on a case-by-case basis under special circumstances. Student groups who do not follow these policies risk ineligibility for future grant submissions.

6. Fall semester applications are considered up until Dec. 1; spring semester applications are considered up until May 1. Due to limited resources, each student group is eligible for only one grant each semester. Online grant applications must be submitted a minimum of three weeks before the event takes place. This 3 weeks excludes holiday breaks, so please plan accordingly as late applications will not be considered.

7. There is no maximum or minimum grant amount awarded, and the Student Board reserves the right to fund the full or partial amount of a grant depending on available funding.


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