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List of CBS Related Student Groups


Student Group

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)

Alpha Epsilon Delta is a student organization dedicated to assisting students engaged in the pursuit of a professional healthcare career. The University of Minnesota chapter exposes students to current issues in medicine, provides a forum for students with common interests, and extends a program of service to benefit the local community.

Biochemistry Club


The Mission of the Biochemistry club at the University of Minnesota is to improve the educational experience, provide career advancement tools and specialized leadership training opportunities for majors in the discipline with The goal of enabling students to more effectively reach their career objectives. To that end, the Biochemistry Club facilitates the development of study groups and tutorials, provides opportunities for corporate partners and students to meet and explore career development, engages in learning sessions for graduate and professional school applications, and provides students with an opportunity to organize and manage the Club with staff and faculty support.

Biological Science Research Club (BSRC)

The Biological Science Research Club (BSRC) serves as a forum for motivated undergraduate students to gain exposure to current research taking place at the U of M and beyond through seminar speaker presentations and discussion. Additionally, the club provides members with the opportunity to practice reading, interpreting, and presenting scientific journal articles of their choice, critical skills necessary for success in any research laboratory as well as in any graduate or professional school. In achieving these goals, the BSRC aims to inspire members to pursue future research and discovery in the Biological Sciences.

Biology Without Borders (BWB)

Biology Without Borders is a student-led campus life program.We lead students on two annual global volunteer trips and connect students with resources making them advocates for global and social change. Our goal is to promote ethical volunteerism, and community-based and sustainable projects in underserved areas, both locally and globally.

Brain Club

The Brain Club hopes to create social and educational events that will allow students interested in the neurosciences to pursue their passion. Our club seeks to include not only students who major in Neuroscience but any person with an interest in understanding the brain.

College of Biological Sciences Latin Group

A group for those students involved in the University Honors Program and the College of Biological Sciences.

College of Biological Sciences Student Ambassadors

The CBS Ambassadors are a group of CBS Students who will give tours and explain what a typical CBS student may do day to day. They give tours year round to prospective freshman, allow interested students to sit in on certain classes, and answer questions that high school students (or their parents) may have during CBS visit sections or by email. They help during many events during the year such as the CBS Dean's Receptions, college fairs, and help the University of Minnesota Admissions Ambassadors with certain days. They participate in calling nights to students who indicated interest in CBS as a prospective college.

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Club (EEB)

The Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Club, formerly known as the Headwaters Ecology club, focuses on students in the EEB major, as well as any other students, including grad students, interested in connecting with others having the same interest. It also presents opportunities to learn more about faculty and professionals that have pursued a career in the EEB field. The “headwaters” refers to the beginning of the Mississippi River in Itasca State Park and one of our goals is to plan a weekend trip to the park. At many of our events, we spend time in nature and just hang out with each other! We are a very laid back group and plan events to watch Planet Earth, go to the Minnesota Zoo, stay a weekend at Lake Itasca, and get involved anyway that we can. We are very open to suggestions coming from any member.

Ethics in Medicine and Global Health (EIMGH)

In recent years, undergraduate pre-health professional students have been encountering a number of ethical dilemmas while volunteering in medical clinics locally and internationally. Undergraduate students, stemming from a lack of knowledge in medical ethics, make inadvertent decisions that compromise the safety of the patients. To avoid such potentially dangerous medical errors, it requires us to introduce the principles of medical ethics even before students enter their profession. Ethics in Medicine and Global Health was created in an effort to introduce ethical practices in medicine to undergraduate pre-health professional students. It allows for future health professionals to gain analytical skills necessary to make ethically appropriate medical decisions. The teachings will involve multidisciplinary talks by many qualified individuals with experience in medical ethics in clinical situations. Not only will we talk about medical ethics pertaining to the United States, but also about international medical ethics.

Forensic Science Club (FSC)

The Forensic Science Club provides events, field trips, and information about forensic science to members of the University community interested in the field. The events feature guest speakers working in the field and members can have the chance to visit places such as the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension or the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office. The club provides information on related jobs and internships for students, as well in our annual Internship Panel event.

Future Leaders Aspiring in Science and Healthcare (FLASH)

Future Leaders Aspiring in Science & Healthcare is a organization that caters toward bio-science and engineering students as well as anyone who has an interest in leadership or volunteering. Our primary focus community service and our second focus is community outreach. We use both of these to help with charities and to help out with other existing organizations.

Future Scientist Association

The Future Scientist Association is dedicated to helping undergraduates get into research, and enhance their research experiences by learning applicable techniques and real skills for success in a scientific career. We may also feature laboratory tours, and other activities to help students get acquainted with techniques used in research labs.

Genetics, Cell Biology and Development Club (GCD Club)

The GCD Club promotes and generates interest in genetics and the many academic specialties that align with the field. We host seminars by distinguished professors and genetic counselors as well as coordinate active engagement opportunities via field trips to area genetics facilities and laboratories. We have also initiated a journal club to accompany departmental seminars and train students to critically evaluate recent articles in scientific literature. Like the goals of the general meetings, the journal club also seeks to improve the students' skills of understanding and debating current topics in genetics..

Microbiology Club

The Microbiology Club exists for the primary function of introducing microbiology students to each other, to faculty, and to the variety of resources available at the University of Minnesota. Our goals are threefold. First, the Microbiology Club seeks to introduce microbiology students to career paths that utilize their training and education at the University. Second, the Microbiology Club seeks to connect microbiology students to the professional and training resources offered by the American Society of Microbiology. Finally, the Microbiology Club seeks to encourage microbiology students to get involved with microbiology research and faculty on campus, as well as familiarize them with communicating their research to their peers as well as to non-scientific audiences.

Minnesota Medial Leaders (MML)

Committed to building leaders for tomorrow's healthcare system, members of Minnesota Medical Leaders travel the world helping with healthcare issues by working in hospitals, meeting government officials and inspiring change in individuals. The group also volunteers locally, with organizations such as the Phillips Eye Institute, U of M Emergency Medical Services and Hennepin County Medical Center. Members get involved with basic science and research to prepare them for a future in medicine. Resources for members include mock AMCAS applications and interviews, an experiential learning database, textbook exchange program, and much more!

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)

The mission of Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) is to guide and assist minority pre-medical students as they explore and gain insight into professional healthcare careers by coordinating and implementing informational programs, providing helpful academic resources, and organizing volunteer opportunities. MAPS will also strive to create awareness about healthcare disparities among minorities and work towards eliminating them.

Pre-Dental Club @ The University of Minnesota

In the University of Minnesota Pre-Dental Club, we aim to bring together pre-dental students and provide a forum to learn about dentistry, dental school, and the application process, as well as networking and volunteer opportunities at the U of M campus and around the Twin Cities in the dental field.

Pre-Genetic Counseling Club

Our intention for this group is to get the members exposed to the life of a genetic counselor, become prepared to apply for graduate school, and to make connections with people in the genetic counseling community. The monthly meetings are a place to talk about genetic counseling, have speakers talk about their experiences in genetic counseling, and to develop relationships to advance us towards graduate school.

Pre-Med AMSA

Pre-Med AMSA is a pre-professional medical student organization. We strive for all our members to be well-balanced pre-medical student. While having a good MCAT score, GPA, and resume is important to medical school applications, we believe our members will stand out by their commitment to improving our community and advocating for health locally and globally. Pre-Med AMSA is committed to volunteering and giving back to the community through lending our time, money and effort to important causes. We are also committed to improving health care and its delivery to all people; involving its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the progression of medicine.

Pre-Optometry Club

The Pre-Optometry Club is a resource for Pre-Optometry students and provides volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, shadowing experiences and creates many relationships between students and local optometrists.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The University of Minnesota’s Pre-Pharmacy Club is an educational and community based program that explores the field of Pharmacy, informs students applying to Pharmacy programs, and provides social and volunteer events for members.

Pre-Physician Assistant Organization

The purpose of this group is to provide helpful information and resources for students interested in pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant.  We will have monthly meetings, usually on Wednesday or Thursday evenings.  These meetings will primarily include general information sessions and panels.  The panels will include both Physician Assistants, and students currently enrolled in Physicians Assistant programs.  This group also organizes opportunities for members to volunteer as a group in the communities surrounding campus.  If you are interested in joining our group, please send us an e-mail (, and also look for us on Facebook under the group name: U of MN Pre-Physician Assistant Organization.

Pre-Veterinarian Club

We're a growing group of students interested in Veterinary Medicine in all of its aspects including (but not limited to) daily practice in small, large, and exotic animals, research, and networking among peers! We meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month @ 7pm where we take time to get to know each other, listen to some fantastic speakers within the field and plan fun events including dog washes, volunteering at various dog walks and Zoo Boo, touring nearby veterinary facilities and so much more

Synthetic Biology Club

We are an academic club comprised of current and former iGEM(international Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) participants and students, all who share an excitement for synthetic biology. Our goals are to generate and spread interest, awareness, and understanding of synthetic biology and to foster a sustainable community of synthetic biologists on campus. 

Undergraduate Public Health Association

The Undergraduate Public Health Association (UPHA) at the University of Minnesota meets during Fall and Spring sessions. During the Fall of 2012, UPHA will hold general meetings every other Tuesday from 5-6pm in Coffman Memorial Union, room 305. Check out our website or meeting topics. Everyone is welcome to join and attend our general meetings. Executive board meetings will be held from 5-6p in the same location on the Tuesdays we do not hold general meetings. Undergraduate students interested in becoming a board member are encouraged to attend executive board meetings to help with agenda and event planning. The Undergraduate Public Health Association aims to be a resource for students interested in the public health field. The purpose of the group is to introduce students to this up and coming health care career field. UPHA helps bridge the gap between undergraduates and the School of Public Health by providing opportunities for students to meet current students and professionals studying and working in public health, as well as, learn about the application process, and find out about the different opportunities within the field. UPHA is a great way for students who are interested in health and health careers to meet new people, especially students, faculty and public health professionals within the School of Public Health and the Minnesota Department of Health.