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Leave of Absence

Students may request a leave of absence for permission to leave the University for a set duration of time.  To request a leave of absence, students must submit a Leave of Absence form. 

Students specify on the Leave of Absence form the duration of time the student intends to be away from the University (may range from one semester to two years).  If a student wishes to return before the return term specified on a formerly submitted Leave of Absence form, the student can submit an Application for Readmission to CBS Student Services to request a change in return date. If a student does not return to the University for the term specified on a formerly submitted Leave of Absence form or if a student is away for more than two years, the student will be placed on inactive status.  For more information on how to return to the University after being placed on inactive status, please see the Readmission & Reinstatement page on the CBS Student Services website.

The University of Minnesota policy on leave of absence can be found on the Leave of Absence and Readmission for Undergraduates page in the University Policy Library.

Processing Leave of Absence forms require a processing time of up to three weeks. For more information about this policy, contact CBS Student Services at 612.624.9717.  Students in the College of Biological Sciences should send completed Leave of Absence forms to CBS Student Services.