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Taking BIOC 3021, BIOL 4003 or BIOL 4004 online

CBS students who wish to enroll in BioC 3021 Biochemistry, Biol 4003 Genetics, or Biol 4004 Cell Biology as an Online and Distance Learning (ODL) course need special permission to register.  Access to these core classes in the curriculum is restricted to students who can demonstrate a solid academic foundation for success in an online course and have a compelling academic reason to engage in off-campus learning.  The goals of this policy are to ensure that students gain proficiency in these subjects, earn passing grades, and make timely progress toward graduation.

Permission to enroll in BioC 3021, Biol 4003 or 4004 through ODL will not be granted for students who:      
  1. Are on academic probation;
  2. Have applied to graduate in a term before the course ends;
  3. Have previously received a "D" or "F" in the course in question (on-campus or ODL);
  4. Have not taken prerequisite course(s); and/or
  5. Would exceed 20 credits of enrollment in fall or spring or 12 credits of enrollment in summer.
  1. To request permission to enroll, please fill out an academic policy petition form and provide the following information;
    • Why you need to enroll in an ODL course
    • Whether or not you have any prior experience with ODL courses (list previous ODL courses completed with grades)
    • What strategies you will employ to make progress toward course completion in this relatively unstructured learning environment.
  2. Bring the completed petition form to a meeting with an advisor in CBS Student Services (3-104 MCB). This meeting can take place by appointment or during drop-in advising.  
  3. If approved, you will be required to bring your petition to One Stop for processing.  
Note that approval of this request does not override course capacity.