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Tuition, fees and other costs


Tuition and fees are payable to the University by the due date indicated on the statement in your student account. An additional charge is assessed for both late registration and late payment. Tuition is assessed on a per-credit basis relating to the student’s status during the summer. Visit OneStop for more information.

Degree seeking undergraduate students enrolled at the University will be charged current undergraduate tuition rates based on their resident status.

Visiting, non-degree seeking, students will be charged tuition at the per-credit rate of $482.54​ (both resident and non-resident status). Therefore, the tuition for a 4-credit course would be $1,930.16.

Graduate Students registering through the Graduate School pay graduate tuition rates. Some programs do have special arrangements that allow students to pay non-degree rates for Itasca courses. Please consult with an adviser at Onestop to see if this applies to your program.


All students pay fees for lab consumables ($87.25) + field transportation costs ($50.00) per course:

  • Non-enrolled and non-U of MN students pay a CCE collegiate fee of $55.00 (under 6 credits) or $110.00 (more than 6 credits).
  • Enrolled University of Minnesota students pay technology and collegiate fees based upon their college of enrollment.

Housing and meals

Room and board fees for the 5 week session are comparable to the costs of living in a residence hall on campus:

  • 5-week course (Ornithology, Mammalogy, Biogeochemical Processes, Animal Behavior, Ecology) = $1344.00

Required Text Material

Following are the courses with required textbooks.. Courses not listed have no required texts. The bookstore makes an effort to obtain used copies whenever possible, but they are not always able to offer used copies.

BIOL 3004: TBD
BIOL 3807: TBD
BIOL 3811: TBD
EEB 4839:  TBD
EEB 4844: TBD