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News and Events

2016 News and Events

January 23rd: Claudia's review on biocatalytically relevant enzymes from fungi is now available online

February 22nd: Kelly has joined the lab as Grad student. Welcome Kelly!

March 23rd: Chris defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr Flynn!

March 28th: Maureen was invited to present at SciSpark 2016 here at the U. Read about the event here

April 11th: Our latest paper on engineered bacterial nanocompartments is now available online

April 13th: Check out our most recent paper on fungal terpene natural product discovery here

May 4th: Claudia received the Kirkwood Endowed Chair from the BMBB department here at University of Minnesota

May 14th: Abigail and Ammanuel graduated with BSc from the College of Biological Sciences. Congratulations!

May 17th: A new edition of Claudia and Rolf Schmid's reference book "Biotechnology - An Illustrated Primer" is now available

June 8th: Ben successfully passed his prelim. Congratulations Ben!

July 10th-15th: Maureen and Guoqiang presented posters of their research in protein scaffolds at the GRC Biocatalysis conference at University of New England ME

July 16th: Claudia's latest review on spatial organization of enzyme cascades for biocatalysis is available here

July 19th-20th: Claudia and Maureen presented their protein nanocompartment research at the Defence Threat Reduction Agency Annual Review in Springfield VA

July 22nd:  Maureen's latest paper on encapsulation within protein nanocompartments is published!

August 2nd-8th: Maureen hosted collaborator Jon Marles-Wright and his student Laura Tuck (University of Edinburgh, UK) to develop exciting new project ideas!

August 3rd: Maureen organized and hosted a symposium "Structural biology aspects of synthetic biology systems" here at BTI, University of Minnesota

August 5th: Chris left University of Minnesota for an exciting new job at Takeda. Good luck Dr Flynn!