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Springer Lab Personnel

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Dr. Nathan Springer


Nathan's CV

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Qing Li


Qing's CV

Post Doc

Jan 2013-Present

Amanda Waters


Grad Student

Aug 2011-Present


Zhaoxue Han

Visiting Scientist

Sept 2015-Present

Peter Hermanson


Jr Scientist



James Satterlee

Lab Tech

June 2015-Present


Former Lab Personnel

Dr. Cory Hirsch

Former Post-Doc



Mei Zhang

Visiting Scientist

Post-doc in Walbot group at Stanford

Dr. Steve Eichten

Former Grad Student

Post-doctoral research, ANU Borevitz lab


Evan Starr

Lab Tech

PhD student Berkeley

Dr. Ruth Swanson-Wagner

Former Post Doc

Monsanto - Genome Informatics Lead

Dr. Robert Stupar

Dr. Robert Stupar is now an assistant professor in the University of Minnesota Agronomy/Plant Genetics Department.

Dr. Irina Makarevitch

Dr. Irina Makarevitch is now an associate professor at Hamline University.

Dr. William Haun

Dr. William Haun is now a Research scientist at Cellectis Plant Sciences.

Past Undergrad Lab Workers

Emma KnapikLaboratory AssistantAug15-present
Laura JensenLaboratory AssistantAug15-present
Sarah HouleDirected ResearchAug14-Dec14
Amanda BashamUROPJun14-Aug14
Rachel NelsonDirected ResearchJan14-May14
Jaclyn NoshayDirected ResearchSept13-present
Patrick West  Directed ResearchMay12-May14
Andrew BergemannDirected ResearchMay13-Dec13
Amanda WatersStudent workerApr10 - Aug11
Whittney EgleDirected ResearchSep08-May09
Kevin PietelDirected ResearchJan06 - May06
Chris Thompson Directed ResearchAug06-May07
Rebecca CoobsDirected ResearchAug06-Dec06
Rebecca Shirmer Directed ResearchAug06-Dec08
Aaron Oldre  Directed research / Laboratory asstMay06-May07
Anna Bredsten  Directed research / Laboratory asstAug05-May07
Anne Bergmark  Directed research / Laboratory asstJan04-May07
Adrienne Escher Laboratory assistantJan04-Aug06
Jena TraskDirected research / Laboratory asstMay04-May07
Nicole SaurDirected researchSept04-Dec04
Melissa RoyzmanUndergraduate research assistantSept03-May04