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Transfer credits

Before beginning your career as a CBS student, it is important to know which courses you have completed in the CBS curriculum. The following will help you understand how your courses transfer to CBS.

Transfer equivalencies

  • Transferology
    Use this website to see how courses from other institutions transfer to the University of Minnesota. Courses not listed may still transfer but would need further evaluation. Note: Biology transfer courses for CBS majors often require additional review by faculty before being accepted and may not be found on Transferology. Please consult with the CBS transfer advisor at before registering for these courses.
  • CSE Course Equivalency Guide
    Use the spreadsheets available on this website to see how courses from other institutions may fulfill math, chemistry, and physics requirements
  • Evaluating Transfer Courses
    Use these forms to have your transfer courses evaluated to fulfill CBS major requirements.
  • Liberal Education Transfer Guides
    Use this information to see how your courses will transfer as liberal education requirements

If you’re thinking of transferring to CBS but have not yet applied, make sure to follow the appropriate application deadlines: