Fall 2022 DEIJ update

Working from the CBS Anti-Racism Working Group report, action teams made up of students, staff and faculty developed recommendations in three key areas: incentives and recognition; inclusive teaching; and recruitment and retention. The following are actions the college has or will take based on those recommendations.

Incentives and Recognition

Contact: Anna Darrell, director of operations and Michael Huyen, director of human resources
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  • The college is exploring how best to incorporate DEIJ into job descriptions with an eye to integrating it into specific areas of responsibility rather than treating it as a stand-alone activity.
  • Criteria and processes for internal CBS awards will be re-evaluated before the spring 2023 call for nominations with DEIJ as a primary consideration.
  • The college will offer another round of DEIJ microgrants to support student-, staff- and faculty-led initiatives.
  • The college’s current fundraising efforts focus on increasing the number of transfer student scholarships and access to paid undergraduate research opportunities. 
  • The college will host a recognition event this spring at which we will recognize microgrant recipients and those who receive University-level DEIJ awards.

Inclusive Teaching

Contact: Laurie Parker, associate dean for undergraduate education
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  • This spring, we will bring back the Faculty Fellows for Inclusive Excellence program, which provides training for faculty in inclusive teaching. Moreover, training in inclusive teaching will be required at the University level starting in fall 2023.
  • The CBS Dean's Office is reviewing staffing models across the University with an eye to identifying the best approach to supporting our ongoing commitment to advancing DEIJ efforts. 
  • The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education will send out an inclusive teaching update each semester that includes these opportunities. In addition, resources will be posted to the CBS website.
  • The Dean’s office is analyzing the CBS-specific results from the 2022 SERU for these elements. Adding college-specific questions to the CBS course SRTs will require additional consultation.
  • The CBS Faculty Fellows for Inclusive Excellence (FFIE) program will incorporate an explicit focus on analyzing the impact of inclusive teaching. The Dean’s office will introduce an annual CBS Inclusive Teaching Town Hall/Workshop in conjunction with the CBS FFIE program to bring this to more instructors across CBS.

Recruitment and Retention

Contact: Michael Huyen, director of human resources
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  • In 2021-22, CBS reserved funds from the merit pool to address pay equity concerns. The college will continue to monitor pay equity and identify strategies to address issues as they arise.
  • The college continues to review employee engagement data and develop action plans to address concerns as well as support positive activities. Exit interviews are now offered and, after consulting with the OHR’s Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, CBS HR is working to develop “stay” interviews to keep lines of communication open and provide support to employees considering other options. A number of recommendations in this section will require more detailed planning and additional consultation.
  • Implicit bias training anonymous reading of applicant material is provided to search committees. In addition, the college has implemented an open search process for researcher 5, 6 and 7, and is working toward the elimination of closed selection process. 
  • Departments report on DEIJ activities as part of the compact process. The Dean’s Office will work with the CBS DEIJ Community of Practice to determine the best way to share that information more broadly.