Research facilities

Biophysical Spectroscopy Center

The center makes state-of-the-art instrumental resources for optical spectroscopy and EPR available to researchers, providing a venue for them to pursue their projects and develop their experience.

Director: Dr. David Thomas
Manager: Ji Li
Consultant: Dr. Gregory D. Gillispie

Center For Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

The CMSP provides support, equipment, and expertise for analyzing complex protein mixtures.

Director: Dr. Tim Griffin
Co-Director: Dr. Gary Nelsestuen
Manager: Dr. Tom Krick

Kahlert Structural Biology Laboratory

The laboratory houses four complete macromolecular X-ray data collection beam lines with three RigakuMSC Micromax 007 X-ray generators, three R-axis IV++ image plate detectors, and a Saturn 944+ CCD Camera.

Director: Dr. Carrie Wilmot
Manager: Dr. Ed Hoeffner

Nano Crystallization Facility

The purpose of this facility is to aid researchers at these institutions by providing access to a high throughput, low sample volume, crystallization facility which will in turn increase access to x-ray crystallography and the determination of 3D atomic structures of biological macromolecules.

Director: Dr. Douglas Ohlendorf
Manager: Ke Shi

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

The mission of the NMR Center is to enhance the research infrastructure available for faculty by ensuring access to state-of-the-art technologies for both solution and solid-state NMR.

Director: Dr. Gianluigi Veglia