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Two sections of the Colloquium are offered during fall semester, on Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  One section may be offered in spring semester.


The Colloquium is a one-credit course. Students may enroll in the Colloquium twice; the activities are different each semester. After completing one semester of BIOL 1020, students may enroll for an additional credit to work on an independent project (BIOL 1093). Projects are optional but encouraged, and are a great way to try out a beginning research experience.


The Colloquium is an S/N course. The "S" grade is based primarily on regular attendance and submission of weekly reflective journal and a final career paper.


  • Attend large group seminars and tours. Colloquium meets only once a week so attendance is important. More than two absences will result in an automatic "N" for the class.
  • Participate in your small group tours/activities.  If you must miss a session, let your student leader know in advance. Absences must be made up.
  • Keep a journal that will be reviewed by your student leader during the semester.
  • Write a paper on a career you choose, due on the last day of class.

Faculty advisors

  • Dr. Valery Forbes, Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior; Dean of the College of Biological Sciences
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