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Joint Degree Program in Law, Health & the Life Sciences

What: Information session for those interested in learning more about pursuing careers in Law and Life Science
When: Customized sessions scheduled one-on-one
Where: Joint Degree Program, N140 Mondale Hall (Law School)

Come meet our program staff and learn more about our unique interdisciplinary program in Law and Science. Science and medicine present breathtaking possibilities and daunting issues — issues which require a new kind of thinker, one who can reason creatively across disciplines. The Joint Degree Program in Law, Health & the Life Sciences aims to offer this training precisely to this new kind of thinker. We recruit highly gifted students to train them in two disciplines, bridging law and the sciences. Our program brings together students, faculty, policymakers, and community members to tackle problems at the intersection of law, science, health, and the environment.

Contact person:
Erin Sikkink, Student Support Assistant, Joint Degree Program
Telephone: 612-625-0055
Joint Degree Program website: