Citizen Science Level 2

Expand your citizen science experience with new colleagues, new groups, and leadership skills!

Citizen Science

This 3-day summer workshop prepare you for doing more citizen science AND supporting colleagues in starting citizen science.

June 19-21

Past citizen science participants of UMN Monarch Lab programs have the opportunity to enrich classroom practice with a closer look at science process and how to guide colleagues. Gain skills to support more of your school community in citizen science (adults and students). Find a group of teachers from around the state of Minnesota who are working to utilize citizen science as a teaching tool. Discuss and practice skills that are challenging to teach like how to connect evidence to reasoning and guide to the next level of a full field investigation. 

Two School Year Saturday Meetings (October & November)

  • Encourage a colleague to teach outside
  • Growth with leadership

Three Meetings with Colleagues (on‐site at your school)

  • Support a colleague in implementing citizen science and science process techniques
  • Use leadership skills with tools provided by UMN Monarch Lab, and co‐instructors from Saint Paul Public Schools and Anoka‐Hennepin Public Schools


St. Paul campus, University of Minnesota


Dr. Robert Blair, University of Minnesota
Dr. Marty Davis
Dr. Renae Lenhardt
Sarah Weaver


Sarah Weaver | 612-625-8304

$300 stipend and 1 graduate credit—for you AND $150 for a colleague from your building/district. Collaborating colleagues will work with you at your school‐site during the school year. No summer commitment for your colleague.