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Authentic Research Experiences for Transfer Students

Active Learning Laboratory (ALL) 

This summer research program is for students who have transferred into the College of Biological Sciences. Students in ALL will work in teams on a research program that will offer them the opportunity to engage in authentic research. Student will be given freedom in their research for their respective project. Instead of following a set procedure, they will be expected to use innovation as they are challenged to solve new problems or create new things.

HHMI postdocs Justin FendosWill Soto, and Elizabeth Bastiaans will be working with students in ALL. Teams of students may work with Justin to search for new antibiotics from herbal compounds or Will the squid-vibrio symbiosis. Elizabeth will be helping students with data and data analysis.

Learn more about the authentic research experiences offered in ALL:

Discover Your Own Drug

Adaptive Radiation in the Marine Bioluminescient Bacterium

Several new courses have been created to help new transfer students be successful at the University. They are designed to give students the knowledge and background they need to be successful in their future research endeavors here at the University and in their career. These courses are required for all transfer students.

BIOL 2001 Career Planning for Biologists (Taken by transfer students concurrently with BIOL 3001). 

This course focuses on career planning. You will spend time learning more about yourself, careers, and how to be a competitive applicant for future jobs or graduate/professional school. In addition, transfer students are introduced to a wide range of campus and community resources. Specific course goals include:

  • Learning about the stages of career planning and the career planning process
  • Recognizing your top five strengths and ways to intentionally develop your strengths
  • Researching at least three different career options in depth
  • Learning and applying goal setting and decision-making
  • Creating an action plan for reaching your career goals
  • Learning how to effectively present yourself to prospective employers or graduate/professional school admissions committees
  • Finding and using career resources at the University of Minnesota and in the wider community

BIOL 3001 Nature of Science and Research (Taken by transfer students concurrently with BIOL 2001)

This course is specifically designed for new transfer students to CBS. Students will explore the nature of research with the ultimate goal of getting into a research project and experiencing the excitement of real science. Specific course goals include:

  • Learning about CBS and the U of M

  • Learning about the research enterprise

  • Becoming familiar with University resources (e.g., libraries, University research facilities, administrative support facilities) that support research

  • Learning how to read research papers

  • Exploring the ethics of research

  • Preparing for your research experience, from finding a mentor to having your safety training, and gaining skills needed to work in a lab

  • Finding a research opportunity in the HHMI research mentor program.