Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

The department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior conducts a broad range of research spanning molecules to ecosystems from chimpanzee behavior to bacterial evolution, predator interactions on the Serengeti Plains to the impact of nutrients on grasslands.

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Ben Janke, Postdoctoral Associate

Matthew Kaproth, Postdoctoral Associate

The majority of my research has been characterizing species habitat patterns and the underlying mechanisms that determine species abundance and spread.

Mason Kulbaba, Postdoctoral Associate

Christelle Lacroix, Postdoctoral Associate

Norman Lee, Postdoctoral Associate

Eric Lind, Postdoctoral Researcher & Nutrient Network (NutNet) Research Coordinator

In my research I combine phylogenetic analytical techniques and field experiments to explore the influence of evolution and anthropogenic change on contemporary ecological communities.

Rachel Moran, Postdoctoral Associate

Pamela Rueda-Cediel, Postdoctoral Associate

At the UMN I am evaluating the performance of different population models to assess the potential risks of herbicides to plant species listed under the ESA.