Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

The department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior conducts a broad range of research spanning molecules to ecosystems from chimpanzee behavior to bacterial evolution, predator interactions on the Serengeti Plains to the impact of nutrients on grasslands.

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Susan D. Jones, Professor , Ecology: 612-624-9636; Shepherd Labs: 612-625-3838

Peter Kennedy, Associate Professor , 612-624-8519

My research interests include fungal ecology, plant-microbe interactions and symbioses.

Diane L. Larson, Adjunct Professor , 612-625-9271 Fax: 612-624-6777

Clarence L. Lehman, Professor and General Advisor to the Dean , 612-625-5734 Fax: 612-624-6777

Georgiana May, Professor , 612-624-6737 Fax: 612-624-6777

My lab investigates the genetic and molecular basis of plants' evolutionary interactions with other organisms, especially fungi.

Suzanne McGaugh, Assistant Professor

Claudia Neuhauser, Professor , 612-625-9258 Fax: 612-626-7431

Craig Packer, Professor, Director - Lion Research Center , 612-625-5729 Fax: 612-624-6777

Steve Polasky, Professor , 612-624-3663

Jennifer S. Powers, Associate Professor , 612-625-5721 Fax: 612-624-6777

I use experimental and observational approaches to investigate and biogeochemical and ecosystem processes across local, regional, and global scales.