Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

The Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development spans a broad spectrum of biological disciplines, including the storage and expression of information (genetics), its translation into the workings of individual cells (cell biology), and the assembly of cells into tissues and organ systems (development). 

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Kate Adamala, Assistant Professor , 612-624-0570

Frank Albert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor , 612-301-1243 (office) | 612-301-1630 (lab)

Robert Brooker, Professor , 612-624-3053

Maureen Cetera, Assistant Professor , (612) 301-2474

Lihsia Chen, PhD, Associate Professor , 612-625-1299

Duncan Clarke, PhD, Associate Professor , 612-624-3442

Sean Conner, PhD, Associate Professor , 612-625-3707

Naomi Courtemanche Ph.D., Assistant Professor , 612-624-3195 (office), 612-624-3057 (lab)

Xiao Dong, Assistant Professor , 612-626-7090

Aaron Engelhart, Assistant Professor , 612-625-1950