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MPGI Member Directory

There are 99 faculty members which make up the Microbial and Plant Genomics Institute. These faculty come from four colleges and nineteen departments. They are split between 78 Full members and 21 Associate members.

Full Members

Frank AlbertAssistant ProfessorGenetics, Cell Biology and
Jake Bailey Assistant ProfessorCSENG Earth
Brett BarneyProfessorBioproducts and Biosystems
David BaumlerAssistant ProfessorDept. of Food Science and
Ran BlekhmanAssistant ProfessorEcology, Evolution and
Daniel BondProfessorBioTechnology
James Bradeen Professor and Department HeadPlant
Yaniv BrandvainAssistant ProfessorPlant & Microbial
Kathryn BushleyAssistant ProfessorPlant & Microbial
Clay CarterProfessorPlant & Microbial
Changbin ChenAssistant ProfessorHorticultural
Jerry CohenProfessorHorticultural
Anath DasProfessorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology and
Gary DunnyProfessorBioTechnology
Mikael EliasAssistant ProfessorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology &
Melania FigueroaAssistant ProfessorPlant
Michael FreemanAssistant ProfessorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology &
David GarvinAdjunct Assistant ProfessorAgronomy and Plant
Sue GibsonProfessorPlant & Microbial
Jane GlazebrookProfessorPlant & Microbial
Jeffrey GralnickProfessorBioTechnology
William (Bill) Gray ProfessorPlant & Microbial
Jessica GutknechtAssistant ProfessorSoil, Water, and
William HarcombeAssistant ProfessorBioTechnology
Adrian HegemanProfessorHorticultural
Candice HirschAssistant
Cory HirschAssistant ProfessorPlant
Wei-Shou HuProfessorChemical Engineering and Material
Carol IshimaruProfessorPlant
Tim JohnsonProfessorVeterinary and Biomedical
Fumiaki KatagiriProfessorPlant & Microbial
Romas KazlauskasProfessorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology and
Peter KennedyProfessorEcology, Evolution/
Arkady KhodurskyProfessorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology and
Corby KistlerAdjunct ProfessorPlant & Microbial
Dan KnightsAssistant ProfessorBiotechnology
Pete LefebvreProfessorPlant & Microbial
David MarksProfessorPlant & Microbial
Suzanne McGaughAssistant ProfessorEcology, Evolution and
Dave MoellerProfessorPlant & Microbial
Peter MorrellProfessorAgronomy and Plant
Gary Muehlbauer ProfessorAgronomy and Plant
Chad MyersProfessorComputer Science and
Min NiProfessorPlant & Microbial
Daniel O'SullivanProfessorFood Science and
Neil OlszewskiProfessorPlant & Microbial
Phil PardeyProfessorApplied
Ronald L. PhillipsRegents ProfessorAgronomy and Plant
Howard RinesAdjunct Professor EmeritusAgronomy and Plant
Michael SadowskyProfessorBioTechnology
Deborah SamacAdjunct ProfessorPlant
Cara SantelliAssistant ProfessorBioTechnology
Jonathan SchillingProfessorBioproducts and Biosystems
Claudia Schmidt-DannertDistinguished McKnight ProfessorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology and
Janet SchottelProfessorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology and
Carolyn SilflowProfessorPlant & Microbial
Kevin Silverstein
Scientific Lead, RIS Informatics Analyst
Minnesota Supercomputing
Michael SmanskiAssistant ProfessorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, and
Alan G. Smith ProfessorHorticultural
Kevin P. Smith ProfessorAgronomy and Plant
Emilie Snell-RoodProfessorEvolution, Ecology, and
Nathan Springer ProfessorPlant & Microbial
Robert StuparProfessorAgronomy and Plant
Peter TiffinProfessorPlant & Microbial
Dan VoytasProfessorGenetics, Cell Biology and
Lawrence WackettProfessorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology and
John Ward ProfessorPlant & Microbial
Nevin YoungProfessorPlant & Microbial
Feng ZhangAssistant ProfessorPlant & Microbial


Associate Members

Allan, DeborahProfessorSoil, Water and
Brooker, RobertProfessorGenetics, Cell Biology and
Carson, MartinAdjunct ProfessorPlant
Denison, FordAdjunct ProfessorEcology, Evolution and
Fahrenkrug, ScottProfessorAnimal
Foster, DouglasProfessorAnimal
Jones, RobertSenior Vice PresidentSystem Academic
Jordan, NicholasProfessorAgronomy and Plant
Kaznessis, YiannisProfessorChemical Engineering
Lanyon, ScottVice Provost, Dean of Grauduate EducationEcology, Evolution and
Lorenz, AaronAssistant ProfessorAgronomy & Plant
Milius, RobertAnalystMasonic Cancer
Ragsdale, DavidProfessor Emeritus, Dept. HeadEntomology, Texas A&M
Sanders, MarkProgram DirectorUniversity Imaging
Tilman, DavidProfessorEcology, Evolution and
Valentas, KennethAdjunct ProfessorBiotechnology
Wyse, DonaldProfessorAgronomy and Plant


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