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Room reservations

Space is available in the Cargill Building for events such as seminars, lectures, training, workshops and receptions. Space cannot be used for classes or personal events. All event space can be used free of charge.

Space is available on a first come first serve basis to groups affiliated with CFANS/CBS/MPGI.

Reservations can not be made more than 6 months in advance.

Groups from outside CBS/CFANS/MPGI may use Room 105/Atrium space subject to a per-day/per-event EFS-based payment of $150.00. Due to the new fee structure, unaffiliated reservations are NO LONGER subject to being "bumped" for CBS/CFANS events. Please contact directly for unaffiliated reservations. Reservations of the smaller 10-12 person conference rooms within the building are free of charge.

To reserve a room at the Cargill Building (CBS/CFANS/MPGI groups):

  1. Check availability using the calendar links at the bottom of this page
  2. Complete the room reservation form via the link at the bottom of this page

Parking and Maps to the Cargill Building


Cargill Building Room Use Agreement

Use of the Atrium and rooms 105, 109 (Kitchen), 215 and 315 in the Cargill Building for Microbial and Plant Genomics requires that the users read and follow the following guidelines:

  • Cargill space will not be arranged for any users. Setup, take down and cleaning tasks are the user's responsibility.
  • Food is allowed in the Atrium only. If you wish to have food elsewhere in the building, your must receive approval from the building manager ( ). Any catering/food service that has been approved by DEHS is allowed in the Cargill Building. 
  • For events that serve alcohol, users must obtain an alcohol permit from the Office of Risk Management.
  • All spaces must be cleaned by the user after use.
  • For safety and fire code purposes, do not exceed capacity indicated in space information below when planning events.
  • No candles or other types of open flames are allowed in the Cargill Building. Sterno cans are allowed for catering purposes in the Atrium.
  • Live music and/or speakers are not allowed in the Atrium. Music can be played in the Atrium at a low volume from a personal stereo system. The speaker system in Room 105 is not to be used to broadcast into the atrium.
  • Decorations are allowed given that the building and resources not be altered or harmed:
    • No tape may be used on painted walls
    • No tacks/pushpins/nails may be sunk in walls
    • No items may be hung on building plants


Seminar Room 105 & Atrium Space Information

These two spaces booked as a unit and include use of Room 109 Kitchenette.
The seminar room seats up to 100 attendees, with fire code at 124. The atrium may accommodate 102 attendees.
This space will not be arranged for any users. Setup and take down is the user's responsibility. 

Assets for use free of charge:

  • Eighteen 8' x 3' tables on wheels
  • Six 4'x8' rolling, divider-style poster boards
  • 75+ metal folding chairs (to be used in the atrium with food)
  • 100 office-style cloth chairs
  • Ceiling-mounted projector wired to podium with microphone
  • Four hand-held wireless microphones
  • One lapel microphone
  • One USB slide-advance laser-pointer
  • Wifi access and telephone jack
  • Users must provide their own laptop computer
  • Kitchenette assets:
    • Refrigerator with freezer
    • Microwave
    • Rolling cart

Room 215 & 315

Seating for 8
Assets available for use:
  • Projector screen
  • Wipe board
  • Users must provide their own laptop and projector

Room Calendars

Please check schedule before submitting your reservation
Seminar Room 105 Conference Room 215Conference Room 315



Room Reservation Form

E-mail regarding specific room reservation questions.