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Plant and Microbial Biology

The Department of Plant and Microbial Biology conducts research that intersects with many critical areas within the biological sciences from genomics to evolution to biodiversity.

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Jannell Bazurto, Assistant Professor , (612)-624-5068

Daniel R. Bond, Professor

Yaniv Brandvain, Associate Professor , 612-624-4375

Clay Carter, Professor , 612-301-7158

I have several broad research interests, including plant-microbe and plant-animal interactions, as well as protein trafficking in plant cells.

Kyle Costa, Assistant Professor

Our lab studies microbial metabolism with a specific focus on anaerobic processes.

Kathryn Fixen, Assistant Professor , 612-625-1998

How do bacteria control electron flow inside the cell and how can we tap into this reducing power for biotechnological purposes?

Sue Gibson, Professor , 612-624-7408

My research interests include molecular genetics; isolation and characterization of plant mutants defective in the ability to respond to soluble sugar levels; regulation of source-sink interactions, manipulation of indole alkaloid metabolism to in

Jeffrey Gralnick, Professor , Office: 612-626-6496 Lab: 612-624-3891

Our research strives to integrate both classical and modern molecular approaches to understand how bacteria influence our planet and how they can be engineered for applications in bioremediation, bioenergy and biocatalysis. 

William M. Gray, Professor , 612-624-3042

My lab is using genetic, molecular, and biochemical approaches with Arabidopsis to investigate how SCFTIR1 activity is regulated.

Kathleen Greenham, Assistant Professor , 612-624-5145

Research in my lab examines how internal timekeeping leads to coordination of plant responses to environmental stressors. Can we identify temporal patterns of gene expression that optimize this coordination to maximize growth?