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Plant and Microbial Biology Graduate Program

The Plant and Microbial Biology graduate program cultivates mastery of every aspect of plant and microbial life, from molecular biology to genomics to ecosystem science. By integrating expertise from premier faculty across diverse departments, PMB creates a remarkably interdisciplinary educational and richly collaborative research environment that empowers students to conduct groundbreaking original research and become true innovators in the cutting edge of modern-day biology.

Student doing plant research

“Basic research to understand how plants and microbes interact with and shape the environment is fundamental to understanding the natural world and also for the applied goals of improving food production and minimizing negative environmental impacts of human activities."
— Peter Tiffin, PMB Department Head

PMB prepares students to embark on careers in academia, industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Utilizing the University of Minnesota’s incredible facilities and resources, students attain not only the technical expertise needed for impactful research, but also the intellectual skill sets and networking connections required for professional success and to engage in vital scientific discourse.

Learn + Teach + Research in the Twin Cities

The PMB experience seamlessly integrates rigorous academics and innovative research in a thriving scientific community found within an economically and culturally vibrant metropolitan area.  Renowned for their high quality of life, affordability, and prosperous economies, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding neighborhoods offer a rich spectrum of cultures, cuisines, events, and nighttime activities…not to mention our beloved parks, lakes, rivers, and forests.