Application checklist

If you have any questions as you complete your application, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator at

Application deadline
December 1 is the application deadline for fall semester admission.

Application materials
All materials must be submitted directly through the online application system by the deadline. The admissions committee will not review applications until all required materials have been submitted according to the following instructions. Required materials are denoted with an asterisk (*).

MaterialsHow to Submit

Application for graduate admissions*

Go to the University of Minnesota online application.

Complete all required fields:

  • Personal information
  • Educational background
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores (international students)
  • Languages
  • Awards and activities
  • Employment/residence information
  • Financial support

Submit all materials through the online application. Once you submit, your application is final. No changes or additions can be accepted.

NOTE: As of fall 2019, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is no longer required for admission to PMB. Note that the online application system is used university-wide and still includes a spot to submit GRE scores. We cannot remove this GRE field. You may self-report scores, but these will not be included in the application review process.

Application fee*

$75 for U.S. applicants, $95 for international applicants. This fee cannot be deferred. (Get more information on the application fee:

This fee may be waived in some specific, limited circumstances. Please see the application fee waiver information.


Upload unofficial transcripts or academic records directly through the online application.

International students should also upload an English translation if the transcript is not in English.

Instructions for uploading transcripts are online at

Please do not mail in paper copies of your transcripts, as this may cause serious delays in the processing of your application.

There is no need for official transcripts or academic records for initial review. If you are admitted, the University will then request official copies of this material. Check the Graduate School's application instructions page for details.

GRE and TOEFL or IELTS scores*

NOTE: As of fall 2019, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is no longer required for admission to PMB.

International students:
Enter your TOEFL or IELTS scores through the online application on the "Test Scores" section. PMB will evaluate your application using these unofficial scores. If you are admitted, official scores must be sent by ETS to the Graduate School (school code 6874). TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years.

Minimum TOEFL score: 79
writing subscore: 21
reading subscore: 19

Minimum IELTS score: 6.5
writing subscore: 6.5
reading subscore: 6.5

Personal statement*

The personal statement is required. It is an integral part of your application; the PMB admissions committee will read it closely for content and coherence.

Please limit this statement to no more than a total of three (3) pages with 1" margins and 12-point font.

Your statement should outline your:

  • personal, educational, and work background
  • what motivates you
  • research experience
  • research interests and why this interests you
  • career goals and your view of how graduate school will help you attain those goals
  • why you are interested in PMB

In this statement, please list the PMB faculty member(s) with whom you wish to work. 
(See for the list of PMB Graduate Program Faculty.)

Diversity statement*

Enrolling and graduating a diverse student body is central to the University of Minnesota's mission. The diversity statement is an opportunity for you to provide a second statement on the topic of diversity.

Please write about the distinctive qualities, characteristics, and life experiences you would contribute to your graduate program and to the education of fellow students at the University of Minnesota. You may wish to include examples that address your contribution to the diversity of the student body and illustrate your motivation to succeed by setting high standards for accomplishing intellectual and other goals, overcoming obstacles to achievement, and/or helping others to gain access to the resources necessary for success.

Note: For US Citizens and Permanent Residents, this statement will be used to determine if you are eligible to be nominated by the admissions committee for a Diversity of Views and Experiences Fellowship (DOVE Fellowship). Your statement should indicate how your background, experiences, and achievements will contribute to the University's goal of promoting excellence through diversity. If applicable, nominees should mention hardships or obstacles that they have overcome to complete their undergraduate education.

Extenuating circumstances

This statement is not required but is allowed, if you want to explain particular aspects of your educational or work history.


Upload your resume or CV in PDF format. Do not upload more than one copy.

Writing sample

Writing samples are not required by the PMB graduate program.

Description of research

Include a description of your research experience and interests in your personal statement. A separate description of research document is not required.

Letters of recommendation*

Three letters of recommendation are required. Acceptable recommendations will come from current or former professors who can assess your potential for graduate work. Additional referees, such as employers, are also acceptable.

All letters must be submitted via the online application system.