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PMB alumni

Graduated 2022

Anna Bennett (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Trinity Hamilton
thesis title: The biogeography, ecophysiology, and functional potential of phototrophic Chloroflexi in alkaline hot springs: From marker genes to metagenomes

Clemon Dabney (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): George Weiblen
thesis title: Molecular genetics, genomics, and quantitative genetics of specialized metabolites in Cannabis sativa

Evan Ellison (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Dan Voytas
thesis title: Development of RNA viral vectors for plant genome engineering

Joleen Khey (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Mike Travisano
thesis title: Genotypic and phenotypic evolution in experimental microbial populations: Causes and consequences of an evolutionary reversal across a major transition

Graduated 2021

Mara DeMers (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Georgiana May
thesis title: A history of both clonality and recombination governs the population structure of Alternaria endophyte communities on prairie Dalea

Michael Maher (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Dan Voytas
thesis title: Methods for the generation of genetically engineered dicotyledonous plants using developmental regulators

Claire Milsted (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Changbin Chen
thesis title: Reproductive and somatic functions of RAD51A and BRCA2 genes in maize

Jaclyn Noshay (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Nathan Springer
thesis title: Connecting genome structure variation and chromatin composition in Zea mays

Molly TIllman (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Jerry Cohen
thesis title: The Auxin Biosynthesis Metabolic Network

German Vargas Gutierrez (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Jennifer Powers
thesis title: Understanding the role of plant hydraulic traits in ecological processes

Graduated 2020

Shan Kothari (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Jeannine Cavender-Bares
thesis title: Blinded by the light: The functional ecology of plant-light interactions

Sean O'Mara (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): H. Corby Kistler and Kathryn Bushley
thesis title: Trichothecene transport in the phytopathogen Fusarium graminearum and trichothecene production in the entomopathogen Beauveria bassiana.

Anthony Schmitt (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Clay Carter
thesis title: Insights into the hormonal regulation of nectar production and the antimicrobial characteristics of nectar proteins

Jason Thomas (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Clay Carter
thesis title: Understanding and engineering the molecular regulation of nectar production in field pennycress (Thlaspi arvense)

Graduated 2019

John Benning (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Dave Moeller
thesis title: Biotic interactions and edaphic variation modulate geographic range limits in Clarkia xantiana ssp. xantiana

Anna Domenech Corts (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Jeff Gralnick
thesis title: Efficient and precise genome editing in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 using recombineering and CRISPR/Cas9-mediated counter-selection

Kristin Grandt (M.S.)
advisor(s): Neil Olszewski
thesis title: Identification and characterization of EMS mutant trm5a-1 and its interactions with SPY

Praphapan Lasin (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): John Ward
thesis title: AtSUC1 root expression and sucrose response leading to anthocyanin accumulation

Lotus Lofgren (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Peter Kennedy
thesis title: Reciprocal informants: Using fungal bioinformatics, genomics, and ecology to tie mechanisms to ecosystems

Kathryn Muller (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Ford Denison
thesis title: Evolution of resource hoarding traits in symbiotic rhizobia

Christina Smith (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Jennifer Powers
thesis title: Drivers of woody plant form and function in relation to water acquisition and use in seasonal forests

Erik Solhaug (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Clay Carter
thesis title: Metabolic and biochemical analysis of Cucurbita pepo nectaries: Insights into how carbon and nitrogen metabolites are synthesized, partitioned and secreted

Noah Strom (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Kathryn Bushley
thesis title: Fungal communities of soybean cyst nematode-infested fields under corn and soybean monoculture and crop rotation

Graduated 2018

Stephanie Erlandson (M.S.)
advisor(s): David Moeller
thesis title: History, dispersal limitation, and environment shape the current and future ranges of forest herbs of the Southern Appalachians

Erin Evans (M.S.)
advisor(s): Adrian Hegeman
thesis title: Amino acid pool sizes, turnover, and kinetics in Spirodela polyrhiza grown under photoautotrophic, mixotrophic, and heterotrophic conditions

Joseph Guhlin (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Peter Tiffin
dissertation title: Genomic complexities in the legume-rhizobial symbiosis
post-graduate plans: Post Doc

Allison Haaning (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Gary Muehlbauer
dissertation title: Natural genetic variation and gene expression patterns underlying lateral shoot (tiller) development in barley (Hordeum vulgare L)
post-graduate plans: Post Doc, University of Minnesota

Elias Krumholz (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Igor Libourel
dissertation title: Reconstruction, reconciliation, and validation of metabolic networks

Nagendra Palani (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Igor Libourel
dissertation title: Molecular multiplexing methods for genome-scale measurements

Nu Wang (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): John Ward
dissertation title: Two projects: Improved prediction of metabolite retention times and analysis of ammonium transporters from Marchantia polymorpha
post-graduate plans: Post Doc, Berkeley National Lab, Emeryville, CA

Leland Werden (Ph.D.)
advisor(s): Jennifer Powers
dissertation title: Using functional traits to understand community assembly, responses to drought, and restoration in tropical dry forests

Graduated 2014

Moana McClellan (PhD)
Advisor: Rebecca Montgomery
2014 - University of Minnesota-Institute on the Environment, MN, Post Doc

Michael Nelson (PhD)
Advisor:  Neil Anderson

Suma Sreekanta (PhD)
Advisor: Jane Glazebrook
2014 - University of Minnesota, MN, Post Doc

Michael Wilson (PhD)
Advisor:  Jerry Cohen
2014 - University of Minnesota, MN, Post Doc

Peng Yu (PhD)
Advisor:  Jerry Cohen
2014 - Universit√§t M√ľnchen Technische, Germany, Post Doc

Graduated 2013

Jessica Biever (PhD)
Advisor: Gary Gardner
2014 - University of Missouri-Columbia, MO, Post Doc

Amy Dykstra (PhD)
Advisor: Ruth Shaw
2013 - Augsburg College, MN, Assistant Professor

Steve Eichten (PhD)
Advisor: Nathan Springer
2013 - University of Canberra, Australia, Post Doc

Brendan Epstein (PhD)
Advisors: Peter Tiffin & Michael Sadowsky
2013 - Washington State University, WA, Post Doc

Zhou Fang (PhD)
Advisor: Peter Morrell
2013 - University of North Carolina, NC, Post Doc

Rosanne Healy (PhD)
Advisors: David McLaughlin & Imke Schmitt
2013 - Harvard University-Arnold Arboretum, MA, Post Doc

Deborah Heuschele (PhD)
Advisor: Florence Gleason
2014 - University of Arkansas, AR, Post Doc

Graduated 2012

Carrie Eberle (PhD)
Advisor: Alan Smith
2012 - University of Minnesota-Morris, MN, Post Doc
He Huang (PhD)
Advisor: William Gray
2012 - Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, MO, Post Doc
Alicia Knudson (MS)
Advisor: David McLaughlin
2013 - Clark University, MA, Pursuing PhD
2012 - University of Wisconsin-Platteville, WI, General Biology Instructor

Xing Liu (PhD)
Advisors: Jerry Cohen & Gary Gardner
2012 - California Institute of Technology, CA, Post Doc

Christopher Pinahs (MS- joint Law degree)
Advisors: Rebecca Montgomery & Peter Reich 
2012 - Minnesota Federal District Court, MN, Clerk

Kerrie Sendall (PhD)
Advisor: Peter Reich
2012 - University of Minnesota, MN, Post Doc

Xiaoqing Sun (PhD)
Advisor: Carolyn Silflow

Ye Sun (PhD)
Advisor: John Ward

Heather Whittington (PhD)
Advisor: Jennifer Powers

Graduated 2011

Tim Whitfeld (PhD)
Advisor: George Weiblen
2013 - Brown University, RI, Research Assistant Professor
2012 - University of Minnesota, MN, Forest Resources Post Doc

Toko Mori (MS)
Advisor: Sue Gibson

Sumitha Nallu (PhD)
Advisor: Kathryn VandenBosch
2013 - University of Chicago, IL, Post Doc

Xiaodong Sun (PhD)
Advisor: Min Ni
2012 - University California-Davis, CA, Post Doc

Hui Tian (PhD)
Advisor: John Ward
2012 - University of Utah, UT, Post Doc

Graduated 2010

Nicholas Deacon (PhD)
Advisor: Jeannine Cavender-Bares
2013 - College of Saint Benedict, MN, Teaching

Moumita Chakravartty (MS)
Advisor: Nathan Springer

Sajeet Haridas (PhD)
Advisor: Stephen Gantt
2013 - University of British Columbia-Vancouver, BC, Post Doc

Keunsub Lee (PhD)
Advisor: Georgiana May
2010 - Iowa State University, IA, Post Doc

Ryoko Oono (PhD)
Advisor: Ford Denison
2013 - University of California-Santa Barbara, CA, Assistant Professor
2010 - Duke Univeristy, NC, Post Doc

Jessica Savage (PhD)
Advisor: Jeannine Cavender-Bares
2010 - Harvard-Organic and Evolutionary Biology, MA, Post Doc

Yun Zhou (PhD)
Advisor: Min Ni
2010 - California Institute of Technology, CA, Post Doc

Graduated 2009

Edward Gilding (PhD)
Advisor: David Marks
2010 - University of Queensland, Australia, Post Doc

Lingtian Kong (MS)
Advisor: David Marks
Pursuing MS degree in England

Yiping Qi (PhD)
Advisor: Fumiaki Katagiri
2013 - East Carolina University, NC, Assistant Professor
2009 - University of Minnesota, MN, Post Doc

Peter Voth (MS)
Advisor: Georgiana May

Lin Wang (PhD)
Advisor: Jane Glazebrook
2013 - Monsanto, MN, Scientist
2009 - Boyce Thompson Institute, NY, Post Doc

Songqing Ye (PhD)
Advisor: Jerry Cohen
2013 - University of Missouri, MO, Post Doc
2009 - USDA Lab-University of Maryland-College Park, MD, Post Doc

Graduated 2008

Wendy Clemant (PhD)
Advisor: George Weiblen
2013 - College of New Jersey, NJ, Assistant Professor
2008 - Yale University, CT, Post Doc

Jenny Dechaine (PhD)
Advisor: Cynthia Weinig
2008 - Central Washington University, WA, Assistant Professor

Nelson Garcia (MS)
Advisor: Ronald Phillips
2011 - Rutgers University, NJ, PhD Student

William Haun (PhD)
Advisor: Nathan Springer
2013 - University of Minnesota-Cellectis Plant Sciences, MN, Post Doc

Yadong Huang (PhD)
Advisor: Sue Gibson
2013 - University of Minnesota, MN, Post Doc
2008 - University of Missouri, MO, Post Doc

Harpartap Mann (PhD)
Advisor: Cindy Tong
2011 - Monsanto Canada Inc., Canada, Breeder
2008 - Pioneer Hybrid, IA

Rachel Mills (MS)
Advisor: Ruth Shaw

Mahajabeen Padamsee (PhD)
Advisor: David McLaughlin
Landcare Research Institute, New Zealand, Post Doc

Brian Piasecki (PhD)
Advisor: Carolyn Silflow
2012 - Lawrence University, WI, Assistant Professor

Victoria Ranua (MS)
Advisor: Cynthia Weinig
Mdewakanton Sioux, MN, Biologist

David Schladt (MS)
Advisor: Georgiana May
2009 - University of Minnesota, MN, Pursuing MS in Biostatistics Program

Wenjing Zhang (PhD)
Advisor: William Gray
2008 - University of North Carolina, NC, Post Doc

Kelly Zinn (PhD)
Advisors: Deborah Allan & Carroll Vance
2013 -, Fraud Analyst
2008 - University of Nevada-Reno, NV, Post Doc

Graduated 2007

Bryn Dentinger (PhD)
Advisor: David McLaughlin
Royal Botanic Garden, London, UK, Senior Researcher in Mycology

Katy Heath (PhD)
Advisor: Peter Tiffin
2012 - University of Illinois, IL, Assistant Professor in Plant Biology

Daniel Griffin (PhD)
Advisor: Susan Wick
2012 - Central Michigan University, MI, Assistant Professor
2007 - University of Minnesota, MN, Teaching Specialist

Angela Hendrickson-Culler (PhD)
Advisor: Jerry Cohen
2008 - Monsanto, MO

Rachel Morphew (Krentz) (MS)
Advisor: Kathryn VandenBosch
2010 - St. Anthony Village High School, MN, Chemistry Teacher

Lorien Radmer (MS)
Advisor: Deborah Samac
Biological Science Technician

Ali Sivitz (PhD)
Advisor: John Ward
Dartmouth College, NH, Post Doc

Laurie Stone Goldsmith (MS)
Advisor: Ruth Shaw
Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District, MN, Landscaping Intern

Ravi Vyzasatya (MS)
Advisor: John Ward
University of Maryland, MD

Graduated 2006

Divya Chandran (PhD)
Advisor: Deborah Samac
2006 - University of California-Berkeley, CA, Post Doc

Pavani Maragowni (MS)
Advisor: Jerry Cohen

Summer Silvieus (PhD)
Advisor: George Weiblen
2006 - Aquinas College, MI, Assistant Professor

Timothy Heisel (MS)
Advisor: Sue Gibson
2006 - University of Minnesota, MN, Lab Technician

Graduated 2005

Erin Dahlquist (MS)
Advisor: Rodney Venterea
Eco-Lab, MN

Sam Gale (MS)
Advisors: Iris Charvat & David Biesboer
University of Minnesota-Cereal Disease Lab, MN

Kavitha Kuppusamy (PhD)
Advisor: Kathryn VandenBosch
2005 - University of Washington-Department of Biology, WA, Post Doc

Peter Matsumoto (MS)
Advisors: Neil Olszewski & Carroll Vance

Andrew Munkacsi (PhD)
Advisor: Georgiana May
2005 - Cornell University, NY, Post Doc

Cheryl Scott (PhD)
Advisor: Neil Olszewski
2005 - University of Minnesota, MN, Teaching Specialist

Chad Westberg (MS)
Advisor: Alan Smith

Graduated 2004

Kirsten Bovee (MS)
Advisor: George Weiblen
Lassen National Forest, CA, Assistant Forest Botanist

Steven Berman (PhD)
Advisor: Pete Lefebvre

Joanna Cregan (MS)
Advisor: David Biesboer

Andrew Baumgarten (PhD)
Advisor: Georgiana May
2004 - Pioneer Hybrid Seeds, MN, Scientist

Rebecca Knowles (PhD)
Advisor: David Biesboer
2004 - Leech Laje Band of Ojibwe, MN, Plant Ecologist and Habitat Biologist

Jason Hill (PhD)
Advisor: Ruth Shaw
University of Minnesota, MN, Assistant Professor

Daniel Tix (PhD)
Advisor: Iris Charvat
Great River Greening, MN, Conservation Ecologist

Graduated 2003

Peter Avis (PhD)
Advisors: David McLaughlin & Patrice Morrow
2013 - Indiana University Northwest, IN, Assistant Professor
The Field Museum-Department of Botany, IL, Post Doc

Steven Cannon (PhD)
Advisor: Nevin Young
2003 - University of Iowa, IA, Assistant Professor

Graduated 2002

Joel Tallaksen (PhD)
Advisor: Iris Charvat
University of Minnesota-West Central Research and Outreach Center, MN, Biomass Gasification Profect Coordinator
Hild & Associates, MN, Technical Specialist

Graduated 2001

Nadalia Gomez (MS)
University of North Dakota, ND, Post Doc
University of Minnesota, MN, PhD in APS Program

Graduated 2000

Lewis Lukens (PhD)
University of Guelph, Canada, Associate Professor

Nathan Springer (PhD)
University of Minnesota-Department of Plant Biology, MN, Professor

Wenping Chen (PhD)
University of Minnesota-Department of Horticultural Science, MN, Research Associate

Graduated 1998

Robert Ascenzi (PhD)
Gene Discovery, WI, Senior Scientist
BASF Plant Science, NC

Graduated 1992

William Gould (PhD)
USDA Forest Service-Institute, Puerto Rico