2015 PBS Annual Retreat

PBS Retreat Agenda
  1. Welcome and first year cohort introductions
    • First year students: Mara DeMers, Shan Kothari, Molly Kreiser, Lotus Lofgren, Michael Maher, Sean O’Mara, Rebecca Sims, Erik Solhaug, Qian Tang, Jason Thomas, and Weidong Wang
    • Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and Assistant DGS Perspectives  Cindy Tong (DGS) and Sue Gibson (Assistant DGS)
  2. PBS Student Research Talks
    • Allison Haaning:  "Investigating the genetics of tiller production in barley"
    • Matthew Nelson:  "A pathogenic system used in Sinorhizobium/Medicago symbiosis"
    • Vai Lor:  "Characterization of the roles of SPINDLY, SECRET AGENT, and the DELLA protein PROCERA in gibberellin signaling in Solanum lycopersicum"
    • Kristin Grandt:  "Investigating four putative O-GlcNAcylated proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana"
    • Diana Trujillo:  "Cross-species studies of nodulation-related signaling peptides"
    • Amber Eule-Nashoba:  "Predicting adaptive rate in partridge pea"
    • Beth Fallon:  "Drought freezing tolerances among elevationally-stratified oak species"
  3. Poster Session