2010 Orientation + Annual retreat


Incoming Students:

Rachel Hillmer, Johnathan Fankhauser, Mohamed Yakub, John Vincent, Amber Eule-Nashoba, Xin Li, Kevin Dorn


Carrie Eberle, Zhou Fang, Roseanne Healy, Alicia Knudson, Cece Martin

Lab Modules:

Dr. David Marks- "Use of Reporter Genes and Fusion-Proteins to Determine Gene Expression Patterns and the Sub-cellular Localization of Proteins"
Dr. Georgiana May- "Fungi- Seeing the Hidden Diversity"
Dr. Peter Morrell- "Computing for Next Generation Biology"
Dr. Alan Smith- "In vitro pollen tube growth"

Research Talks:

Dr. Jerry Cohen- "Proteome and metabolome-wide analysis of flux using whole organism stable isotope labeling"
Dr. Fumiaki Katagiri- "How can we study a complex signaling network and why is the plant immune signaling network so complex?"
Dr. Carolyn Silflow- "Chalmydomonas: A model system for studying eukaryotic cilia and centrioles"
Dr. Dan Voytas- "Precise engineering of plant genomes"
Carrie Eberle- "What Pollen Tubules Want: the transmitting tract, pollen tube growth, and interspecific incompatibility in Nicotiana"
Roseanne Healy- "The secret alternative fruiting form of truffles....in plain view”


Land Bog Fieldtrip- David Biesboer
Floating Bog Fieldtrip- Jon Ross

Annual retreat

Career Talks:

Andrew Baumgarten, PBS Alumni, Pioneer Hi-Bred
Nathan Springer, PBS Alumni, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota-Plant Biology

PBS Student Research Talks:

Roseanne Healy- "What can spore wall development tell us about relationships in a truffle genus?"
Steve Eichten- "Exploring genomic structural variation across maize and teosinte populations"
Ye Sun- "Sucrose transporter proteins: from sequence to structure"
Hui Tian- "AtNaKR1 is a phloem mobile metal binding protein essential for Na/K homeostasis"
Tim Whitfeld- "Phylogenetic diversity and community assembly across a lowland rainforest light gradient"
Carrie Eberle- "What pollen tubes want: the transmitting tract, pollen tube growth, and interspecific incompatibility in Nicotiana"