2012 Orientation + Annual retreat


Incoming Students

Derek Nedveck, Jakob Riddle, Leleand Werden, Allison Haaning, Kristen Grandt, Matthew Nelson, (top)  Diana Trujillo and Eli Krumholz

Lab Modules:
Jerry Cohen – “Synthesis of IAA Conjugates by Using Enzyme Preparation from Maize Endosperm”
George Weiblen – “Itasca Plant Diversity and the Species-Area Relationship”
David Marks – “Use of Fluorescent Reporter Genes in Plant Science”
Peter Morrell – “Computing for Next Generation Biology”

Research Talks:
Jeannine Cavender-Bares - “City Slicker Plants: Drivers of Vascular Plant Diversity in Urban Yards”
Paul Boswell – “Improved Metabolite Identification by Chromatographic Retention Prediction” and “Graduate Student Survival Skills”
Gary Muehlbauer – “Geonomics Approaches to Understanding the Triticeae-Fusarium Graminearum Interactions”    Steve Eichten – “Epigenetic Variations within Maize: Beyond the Genome”
Sue Gibson – “How Can We Use Molecular Genetics to Better Understand and Improve Plant Productivity?”     
Min Ni – “Light Signal Transduction and Regulation of Seed Development”     

Lake Itasca Pontoon Tour - Jon Ross
Forest Plant Identification Hike – Stephanie Erlandson
Land Bog Tour - David Biesboer
Floating Bog Tour – Stephanie Erlandson and Steve Eichten

Annual retreat

Welcome George Weiblen, Director of Graduate Studies

First-year Student Introductions:
Erin Treiber, Mandy Waters, Nagendra Palani , Beth
Fallon, Margaret Taylor, Vai Lor, Stephanie
Erlandson, Yuan Xu

Phytograd Happenings/reportRosanne Healy, President

Poster Session I

PBS Student Research Talks
Suma Sreekanta- “The Role of a Putative Protein Kinase in Plant Defense Responses”
Jo Heuschle- “Hormonal control of dormancy in Potamogeton crispus turions”

Invited speakers - PBS Alumni
Yiping Qi- “Modifying Arabidopsis genome with zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs)”
University of Minnesota – Postdoc in GCD; Voytas Lab
Victoria Ranua-Moses  - “Finding Your Path”
Wozupi Manager, Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Wozupi

Poster Session II

Plant Sciences Identification –discipline areas - George Weiblen

People Bingo

Lab Olympics 2012

Tour of Como Conservatory – George Weiblen