2013 Orientation + Annual retreat


Incoming Students:

John Benning, Joseph Guhlin, Erin Jewett, Praphapan Lasin, Katherine Muller, Christina Smith, and Nu Wang

Lab Modules:

George Weiblen - Itasca plant diversity and the species-area relationship”
Ana Gonzales and Tom Kono - “Computing for next generation biology”
Jerry Cohen - Synthesis of IAA conjugates by using enzyme preparation from maize endosperm"            

Research Talks:

Eli Krumholz and Derek Nedveck - “Making graduate school easier with a computer”
Sue Gibson - How can we use molecular genetics to better understand and improve plant productivity?”   
Dana Freund - “Intro to metabolomics”
Gary Muehlbauer - “Genomics approaches to identifying and exploiting variation in barley”
Changin Chen - “Molecular mechanisms of homologous recombination in plants”
Paul Boswell - “Improving identification of metabolites by harnessing chromatographic retention information”
Paul Boswell- “Crash course in scientific communication”


Forest Plant Identification Hike - Allison Haaning and Diana Trujillo
Pontoon tour - David Biesboer
PBS Program Orientation - George Weiblen and Gail Kalli
Land Bog Tour - David Biesboer -
Floating bog tour - Derek Nedveck and Eli Krumholz

Annual retreat


George Weiblen, Director of Graduate Studies

First-year Introductions:

Students - Kristin Grandt, Allison Haaning, Eli Krumholz, Derek Nedveck, Matthew Nelson, Jakob Riddle, Diana Trujillo, Leland Werden
Faculty - Paul Boswell, Changbin Chen, Corby Kistler
Postdoc - Stefanie Dukowic-Schulze, Nathan Tivendale, Annika Moe, Dana Freund, Kesuki Mase, Noriyuki Hatsugai, Qing Li

Phytograd Happenings

Mohamed Yakub, Vice President

PBS Student Research Talk

Amanda (Cece) Martin - "Developing Economically Valuable Natural Products from Native Minnesota Plants"
Alyson Center - "Seed Production Timing Determines Fitness of Young Tropical Live Oak (Quercus oleoides) Seedlings in Dry Forests of Costa Rica"
John Vincent - "Micro-Elevational Associations of Tree Species in a Papua New Guinea Rain Forest"
Margaret Taylor - "Transport Activity and Localization of the Orza sativa AAPS"
Kevin Dorn - "Developing Genomic Resources to Improve Pennycress as a Winter Cover Crop and Biofuel Feedstock"
Bredan Epstein - "Purifying Selection on Genomic Vatriation in Sinorhizobium"
Mike Wilson - "Role, Origins, and Utility of Plant Resins in Honey Bee Health"

Poster Session I
PBS Student Research Talks
Where Are They Now?

Cindy Tong, Associate Director of Graduate Studies

Poster Session II
Door Prizes
Announcement of Poster Competition Winner