2014 Itasca Orientation

Incoming Students:

Stephen Brockman, Mara DeMers, Shan Kothari, Molly Kreiser, Lotus Lofgren, Michael Maher, Sean O’Mara, Rebecca Sims, Erik Solhaug, Qian Tang, Jason Thomas, Weidong Wang,

Lab Modules:

George Weiblen - Itasca plant diversity and the species-area relationship”
Eli Krumholz and Derek Nedveck – Computer Lab
Land Bog Tour - David Biesboer
Floating bog tour - Derek Nedveck and Eli Krumholz
Pontoon tour – Jon Ross
Fungal foray – Kathryn Bushley and Peter Kennedy

Research Talks:

Sue Gibson - How can we use molecular genetics to better understand and improve plant productivity?”   
Eli Krumholz, “Sequence-Based Metabolic Network Completion Reveals Integrality of Orphaned Enzymes in Essential Biochemistry”
Kathryn Bushley, Peter Kennedy, Gary Muehlbauer, George Weiblen - “Advice on How to Get the Most Out of Grad School”
Derek Nedveck, "Local adaptation in the legume-rhizobium mutualism"
Gary Muehlbauer - “Genomics approaches to identifying and exploiting variation in barley”
Kathryn Bushley – Research Seminar
Peter Kennedy – Research Seminar